Microsoft Announces new Gaming Console: XBOX ONE

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xbox one
Image credit goes to Wired Exclusive by Peter Rubin

Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Filibuster

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If you consider yourself a fan of Star Wars, Marvel or Parks and Recreation and you have not seen the Star Wars filibuster by Patton Oswalt, we recommend you do. It is a hilarious seen on Parks & Rec where Patton’s character conducts a filibuster to share his eight minute vision of what he believes the new Star War Episode VII should look like. The movie poster (created by EW) below brilliantly incorporates all the charters from his vision. If you would like to watch or re-watch the brilliant filibuster we have provided the video below as well. Enjoy!….nerds…..

Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Poster

Watch the clip of Patton Oswalt’s filibuster:

Google Fiber Launches in Kansas City

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Yesterday Google started to connecting individuals to their Gigabit home Internet service that has been dubbed “Google Fiber”. Google’s blog specific to Google Fiber mentioned they have been conducting preliminary tests with specific homes to insure the network was functioning properly. The speed Google Fiber will provide people will dwarf the average home in the United States.

Google’s product page for Google Fiber states “Google Fiber starts with a connection speed 100 times faster than today’s broadband”. Reports so far have shown that the download and upload number are accurate. To provide a little perspective, I just conducted a speed test on my network and I am currently at 16Mbsp which I consider to be fairly quick. I would consider anything over 100Mbps as amazing but Google Fiber has far have exceeded this feat.

Currently Google Fiber is only available in Kansas City, Google has spent the last several month building the network and hopefully they spread to other major cities soon.

Google Fiber Network Box

Google Fiber Network Box

The best part about is the price. The 1-gigabit-per-second service will only cost a staggering $70 per month. These speeds are available for both uploads and downloads and come with 1 terabyte of data storage and a network box to deliver the service?

*image credit goes to Google Fiber.

Personal Submarines

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As the worlds population continues increase and technology continues to progress the world is becoming smaller. Fast cars, luxury boats, stunt planes are become more and more common and as a result the play ground is getting more and more crowded. This means that finding unique places to explore and play are becoming harder to find. Under the oceans surface in the last environment that has been left fairly untouched.

Scuba diving has always been a popular hobby because it allows one to explore the ocean floor and see a different world. Scuba diving is extremely fun and gratifying but there are those who would prefer to explore not only in style but also with a friend while still remaining dry in a personal submarine.

  • personal submarine

With the latest advancements in personal submarine technology, the small submarines can now go faster, deeper and stay submerged for longer periods of time. These personal submarines are different from the submersibles typically seen on the history or discovery channel, which are linked by a teaher line to a boat or platform on the surface. The personal submarines are launched a boat or dock but are completed independent and are free to explore the ocean floor on their own accord.

Advancements in design and construction are continuing to increase the varieties of the personal submarine available are. Like all vehicles, there are different classes tailored to the individual’s preferences. There are the sporty subs, that are small and quick, “SUV” subs made for transporting a small group and there are the all terrain models, which are able to go much deeper. These variations in preferences range in price from $1.3 to $15 million. The primary elements that dictate the price are:

  1. The number of passengers
  2. The depth the submarine can dive
  3. The length of time the submarine can stay submerged

personal luxury submersibles

Some refer to our ocean as the last frontier. Why not explore the remaining frontier in your own personal submarine.

The LG 55EM9600 OLED TV

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LG has come out with an amazing piece of technology, the LG 55EM9600 OLED TV. This TV made its debut at the 2012 International CES. We at Premium Posts decided to feature it not only because we really like it but because it won C-Net’s “Best of Show” award at the CES convention.

Stretching 55 inches from corner to corner (more sizes promised in the near future) makes any TV respectable but the depth of the TV is an impressive 4mm. MM is more millimeters if you thought we  just made a mistake. Even though the TV has a depth of only 4mm, the specs of the TV are what make it truly impressive. LG decided to use OLED versus the common LCD or LED setups. This does increase the overall price of the TV but as a result the contrast ratio is a ridiculous 100,000,000:1. Images are said to be beyond life like and with the TV’s ability being more than 40 times greater than the next best LED TV currently available in stores today it is no surprise. The 55EM9600 is also 3D capable but glasses are still required.
55EM9600 OLED TV
An announcement by LG stating the price and the launch date has not been set yet but we are hopeful that by early 2013 we will see the LG 55EM9600 emerge onto the product floor.

AE86 to 86, Toyota’s New Sports Car

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The 86 does not fall under the normal category of luxury or exotic cars that we normally try to feature on Premium Posts but being such a big fan of the original 86 I could not help myself. The new 86 was developed to be a reasonably priced sports car with performance specs focused on being a car with serious racing and drifting capabilities.

Toyota's 86

This coupe was not developed solely by Toyota but was a joint venture between Toyota and Subaru. The outcome of this joint project produced the new version of the classic AE86. The original AE86 was a popular car among street racers and car enthusiasts in the 80’s and still today due to the cars combination of being lightweight, having simple yet powerful engine that was easily modified and the cars rear wheel drive configuration.
(The Toyota AE86)

Toyota AE86

The outcome of Toyota and Subaru project is know just as the 86 which is the same basic layout of the original with a front engine, rear wheel drive layout but with a significantly more powerful engine. With Subaru being part of the team it is no surprise in the engine bay of the 86 is the Porsche Boxer generating around 200hp at 7,000rpm and 151lb-ft of torque at 6,600rpm. On paper the car looks to be a fun little vehicle to drive but from what we have gathered from people who have actually driving the car it may not met the desired expectations. I cannot say I am surprised though, what made the AE86 so great was it’s simplify and balance. Judging from what we have seen of the new 86, it misses on both counts.

86 Car Engine
(2.0 liter flat-four boxer engine)


The Drive for Sustainability

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BMW i3 and i8

Sustainability is spreading throughout every industry, and BMW is taking it to the streets.  As city streets become more and more overcrowded and threats of congestion charges prove probable, the necessity for an electric car has arrived and the accessibility of having one is in our near future. BMW has been working hard to bring the electric car to the market, ever since 1969 with the electric BMW 1602 used in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Now, BMW’s i3 (compact electric car for cities) and i8 (plug-in hybrid sports car) will hopefully be launched in 2013 and 2014. The i3, starting around $47k, and the i8 ($130k) are not only environmental  being made mostly of recyclable materials and manufactured in part by using renewable energy, but are also practical for driving! The LifeDrive structure (high-strength and light-weight carbon-fiber reinforced plastic) and eDrive technology (agile mobility) create an enjoyable driving experience. But BMW is not limiting its sustainable resources to its products, it has invested $100M into BMW i Ventures to create services like MyCityWay and ParkatmyHouse for improving the driving scene in overcrowded cities.

BMW i8 and i3

On the left is BMW’s i8 Hybrid sports car and on the right is the i3, BMW’s compact Hybrid.

BMW I8 Hybrid

i8 by BMW

Architectural Masterpiece For Sale in La Jolla, California

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Find yourself in a luxurious home in Southern California’s “little gem”, La Jolla. If ocean views, tranquility, and world class shopping and dining suit your tastes, then this retreat is the place for you! Linda Daniels with The Daniels Group offers you this two story, three car garage as an exotic haven to rest your feet. The house is  5,099 square feet with five beds and 6 baths, and is detailed in redwood framed ceilings and Mirabel hardwood flooring. The breathtaking pool and spa are the perfect touch to this architectural masterpiece!

La Jolla Estate

Offered at $7,900,000

For more information about this listing and other listings in La Jolla, visit Linda Daniels’ website by clicking here!

La Jolla Home for Sale

Linda Daniels has ranked in the top of La Jolla agents for ten years and has a passion for precision, her family, and her community. The homes she has to offer are all one-of-a-kind masterpieces.


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What is an audiobook?

An audiobook is a book which is voiced and recorded in an audio format. The traditional media for audiobooks have been Cassettes, CDs and DVDs. Now the audiobooks are becoming popular in a more digital format which you can download online from a website and quickly start listening to it. Internet gets much credit for the popularity of audiobooks.

What comes in audiobook?

The content of an audiobook can be anything. Many publishers are bringing their new titles in audio format along with the print media. According to an estimate, there are 30,000 plus titles available in form of Cassettes, CDs, DVDs and downloadable audio files.  

Are there any advantages?

Many. People with vision problems find it hard to read a book can easily listen to an audiobook. You cannot read a book while exercising, or playing, or cooking. With audiobooks, you can actually follow the instructions of the book and make a yummy dish. No worries about spilling food on the paper too. These books can be enjoyed while doing anything  which require less attention.

Where to get audiobooks from?

Audiobooks over CDs, DVDs or Cassettes may come more expensive than the printed edition because of the demand. But with the boom of the portable media players, a free market is getting developed where a user can freely download an audiobook and start listening. You can find numerous sites which allow to download titles and listen for free. Some provide streaming audio whereas some might let your download and listen at your convenience.

Types of audiobooks

Audiobooks can be divided in two categories – Abridged and unabridged. The difference is that unabridged ones are word to word dictation of the book whereas abridged are transformed by the abridger. He narrates the story as per his style. Audiobooks can be completely transformed and made much interesting by using music and sound effects. 

Want to make your own audiobook

making your audiobook is not difficult either. All you need is a nice diction, a few gadgets and an easy recording software which too are freely available online. Besides these, there are some text-to speech tools which can convert your text to audio format.


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Hovercraft is an air cushion vehicle that rides on any smooth landscapes. It is effective in traveling over ice, land, water and rocky surface. This specialized vehicle is widely used in military applications i.e. in hostile environments. However, the Hovercrafts are emerging as a popular choice of transportation. 

The reason behind the access of hovercrafts in multi-textured land is its air cushion which has slow tempo but very powerful because the high pressure is ejected to its ground which contains a container itself called the skirt of the hovercraft.

The design of the hovercraft is very special because of its engine applications. There may be 1 or more than 4 engines at a time running the hovercraft. Crafts which has various engines basically used in driving the fan, another lifts the craft by incorporating high pressure below it, another works as propeller, engines are also used in pushing air pressure backward the craft to push it forward. 

Now the engines are designed differently in hovercrafts as per the mechanism of each craft. For the passenger hovercrafts 2 turboprop engines driven by propellers are effective. But these days Rolls Royce proteus gas turbine engines are more efficient in passenger carrying hovercrafts.

The skirt which is the most important part of the hovercraft can be of various types. The bag skirt, double walled flexible skirt, and others. The skirt makes the hovercraft moves easily in rocky terrains as well as stiffy ice surface. The mechanism of inflation and deflation of air works behind the effective movement of hovercrafts. 

The skirt fingers are another specialty in hovercraft that needs mentioning. This was made to avoid frequent obstacles. So, by moving the pitch of the craft by 15 degrees upward the excesses length of the skirt was fruitful for the mobility of the craft.

Uses of hovercraft previous years and now;

The first passenger hovercraft was the Vikers VA-3 in 1962. 

First commercial hovercraft was made in 1966.

Hovercrafts are the first choice for military applications. Hovercrafts carry tanks, missiles, cars and other ammunitions of military operations.

Hovercrafts are proficient means of administrative business crosswaters. It has been efficient in postal services, military stocking and public service.

The first car-carrying hovercraft debut in 1968.

Hovercrafts are used in maritime business, rescue operation, etc. there are many instances where overcrafts have been used in inland flooding rescue operations, muddy water, etc. 

Hovercrafts works as regular passenger vehicles in some countries. It is used as container in cruising, holiday destination and partying.