Dell Blade Server Upgrade

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Blade servers3Today my friend Shawn and I had to upgrade the computer servers for because of the tremendous success of the website! When I first started way back in March of 2006 I was only getting about 2 unique visitors a day (1 from my home computer, and one from my work computer). However, now because of the immense popularity of the site and all my loyal readers I am receiving upwards of 30 unique visitors (from all over the world) every single day!!!!! (Amazing I know). If you look up on Alexa you will see that it is indeed ranked as the 2,483,449th most popular site in the World! Due to this huge explosion in popularity within the past couple months I have decided to get some new Dell Blade Servers! It ended up costing me just under $90,000.00 dollars but I figure that since I am already pulling in almost $40.00 dollars in ad revenue every month, the servers will pay for themselves within 187 years!

Here are some details about the new blade servers: The Dell blade chassis houses 10 loaded Blades, each consisting of 20 dual-core 2.8Ghz Xeon processors (112Ghz total), 120GB RAM, and 20 146GB 15,000 rpm drives (2.9TB total). I also installed a 48 port gigabit switch, a rack-mounted redundant power supply for the switch, and 2 load balancers (one of which is a hot spare). I am keeping my fingers crossed, and I am hopeful that this will be enough to handle the traffic. What do you think?

In case you didn’t catch my sarcasm it’s not actually me that is upgrading my servers just yet. I have a hosting plan with that gives me 15 gigs of storage, 400 gb/month of site transfer, and the ability to host 6 Domains on 1 Bluehost Account for $6.95 Per Month So… for now I think BlueHost is a bit more cost effective.

I did however just help my friend Shawn (founder and CEO of digital Point Solutions) deliver and install his new servers (the ones mentioned above) to their new home at the data center in downtown. First we had to lug the equipment down the hall and out to the parking garage. We then proceeded to cram the nearly 500 pounds of computer equipment into his SUV 🙂

Loading up the new servers
Once we were there it took a few hours to move around the old servers, hook up all the new equipment and secure everything to the rack. There ended up being about 1.5 hours of downtime were actaully had to go off line because we had to physically shut down and move the old servers (pictured below)
and put them next to the new blades on the new rack.

The old Digital Point servers
Within a few hours everything was up and running and the installation was complete! Hopefully digitalpoint won’t have to upgrade again any time soon. Here is a picture of the new setup with the 10 blades on the bottom.

The new DigitalPoint equipment
In case you aren’t familiar with it is the 5th most trafficked website in all of California, and ranked as the 165th most popular site in the world! Digital Point gets upwards of 1,000 hits every second and sees about 5 million unique visitors every month (That’s even more than! Digital Point receives more traffic than,, … (anyway, you get the idea… its big)! is an immensely popular website for webmasters and internet marketing. It is a great resource for anyone who owns or operates a website. The website offers a number of free tools that help webmasters with Search engine optimization and internet marketing. also has a very popular forum (that actually just logged its 1 millionth post). The forum discusses search engine optimization, internet marketing, digital Point software… If you own a website and are looking to improve your search engine rankings and improve your internet marketing than is a great resource.

Here are just a few of the free tools available to everyone:
1) Keyword suggestion tool: This allows you to quickly see which phrases are searched upon the most (for determining the best phrases to target for your website).
2) GeoVisitors: This tool will show you the physical location of the visitors to your website/blog.
3) Keyword Ranking Monitor: This tool allows you to track historical search engine result placement data for any keyword/URL combo you choose.

Hennessey Dodge Viper Venom 1000

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The Hennessey Dodge Viper Venom 1000 claimed the title of ?world?s fastest and most powerful limited-edition street car?. The ?Hennessy Venom 1000? makes 1000 horsepower (to the wheels) at 5000 rpm and 1100 lb-ft torque at 3800 rpm! So? just how quick is it? Well Hennessey claims that on ?ET Street? tires the car can do 0-60 in 2.25 seconds, does the quarter mile in under 10 seconds, and has a top speed of 255 mph! I found a video of a Hennessey Viper Venom competing in Motor Trend’s “Worlds fastest limited edition street car” This unbelievable acceleration was the main factor that let the Hennessey Venom 1000 win Road & Track’s Standing Mile contest at 25.6 seconds, .3 seconds faster than the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo!

venom 1000
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hennessey, they modify Dodge and GM cars to make them as extreme as possible. Take the Hennessey Viper Venom 1000 for example. They take the base model 500 hp Viper, completely reworks the engine, and add two ball bearing Garrett twin turbos to make The Venom 1000 one of the only Read more…

MP3 quality enhancer (ipod accessory)

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The “Boostaroo Revolution” is a cool new gadget that actually improves the quality of MP3’s. This portable inline MP3 amp is known as The Boostaroo Revolution?. This cool MP3 accessory is officially described as a Hi-Definition Portable Headphone Amplifier & Splitter. This MP3 enhancing gadget is the size of a cigar. The device actually works by digitally decompressing your compressed audio signals (MP3’s) into three separate audio channels, producing enhanced spatial imaging and a wider field of high definition sound. It also amplifies the volume of your MP3’s by about 400% and adds a surround sound effect, giving your music a cleaner and higher quality sound. This MP3 filter even works to improve low quality files. The other great thing about this MP3 enhancing gadget is that it is also a splitter, so you can share your MP3’s with a friend through the Boostaroo Revolution’s two headphone jacks. The device does run on 2 AAAA batteries but it is said to last for 22 hours.

This is obviously a great addition to your Ipod or other MP3 player. Boostaroo states that “the Revolution works with Read more…

Exotic Car forum

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I just came across a great exotic car forum and wanted to share it. I was looking through all the cool exotic car pictures and different topics and figured everyone that reads the premium automotive section of my blog would probably appreciate this forum as well. This exotic car forum (called is a great place for all those car nuts who have a passion for exotics.

Exotic cars forum

The forum has only been online for about a year but it seems to be getting very popular with close to 2,500 members. Forum topics cover all aspects of owning and/or appreciating exotic cars. I have been hooked for the last couple hours, looking at pictures, videos, and info. The site is very well designed and super easy to navigate. It’s broken down into Asian Exotics, American Exotics, and European Exotics. Other forum topics include tuning and mods, exotic car care, events and gatherings, and a “Member’s Garages” section for members to show off their exotic cars (I’m hoping to have one to show off soon) 🙂 Lastly, there is a photography section with some beautiful exotic car pictures that make great exotic car wallpaper for your desktop.

Anyway, If you own an exotic car or have an appreciation for premium sports cars and luxury automobiles check Read more…

hidden passageways and secret chambers

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Just came across this company that creates hidden chambers and pasageways. It looks like there are willing to pretty much design anything you can dream up. If you like secret rooms and hidden doors than you’ll want to check this out. They can actually custom design a switch that allows you to activate your automated feature any way you want! I saw everything from a pool table that came out of the floor, to a hidden safe behind a painting that moved when you twisted a vase, and a candlestick that you twist on your mantle to rotate the fireplace and reveal a hidden room. On of my favorites is an animated rendering of a couch were you lift up the cusion to reveal a spiral slide that leads to a secret room!

hidden chamber
If you need even more security than just a “hidden room” or “secret chamber” this company can incorporate biometric security devices like fingerprint scanning, optical imaging devices and Read more…

Order live Maine lobster

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Lobster Gram Delivers Great Father's Day Gifts
I found a cool website were you can order live Maine Lobster. I thought I would share it with everyone because it could make a great fathers day gift. Not only can you order live Maine lobster, but you can also order lobster tails, mouth watering 3-? lb. JUMBO lobsters, hand cut aged USDA Choice Steaks, Crab Legs, Jumbo Shrimp, steak burgers, even clam chowder, desserts, and side dishes…
You can order just the live Maine lobster and (for example) get two 1 pound live Maine lobsters delivered to your doorstep for about $50 or you can choose from their combos and specials. One of their best looking specials was called the “Super Jumbo Lobster Gram” which came with two 3 to 3.5 lb. live Maine lobsters, lemon, butter, shell crackers and seafood forks, all for only about $120.
If simply having live Maine lobster won’t do, they have some awesome complete dinner packages and specials:

A fathers day package they have for only $177 includes mouth watering 6-7 oz. Maine Lobster tails, tender 6 oz. Filet Mignon, Premium Crab Cakes and 2 individual New York cheesecakes (plus butter and a Cooking Manual)!

order live maine lobster
If you happen to be entertaining for 6 guests and you want to go for the ultimate, I would suggest the Surf & Turf dinner. This incredible meal for up to 6 people includes rich & creamy New England clam chowder and succulent Jumbo shrimp, 6 live Maine lobsters and 6 filet mignon steaks. For dessert they have included Read more…

Sony Vaio UX (micro PC)

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Although the Sony Vaio UX is not much larger than a PDA don’t be fooled. The Sony Vaio UX is a full featured micro PC. The Vaio UX runs Window XP Professional, has an Intel core solo 1.2 GHz processor, a 30 GB hard drive, 512 MB of ram, wireless WAN/Lan, Bluetooth technology, a slide-out backlit keyboard, a 4.5? LCD touch screen, built-in microphone, various media slots and USB ports, and even a port replicator connector and two built-in cameras (one mounted on the front and on facing the user). Amazingly all these features are stuffed into this micro PC that weights only 1.1 lbs! (I want one!)

vaio ux

The Sony Vaio UX costs between about $1,800 and $2,200 depending on which of the three models you get. The three models are:
1) Sony VAIO UX90S (Intel Core Solo U1400 1.2GHz, 512MB RAM, 30GB HD, English WinXP HOME, Bluetooth, English Keyboard, Compact Flash Slot)
2) Sony VAIO UX50 (Intel Core Solo U1300 1.06GHz, 512MB RAM, 30GB HD, English WinXP HOME, Bluetooth, QWERTY Japanese International Keyboard (English with Japanese Subtitles)Compact Flash Slot)
3) Sony VAIO UX180P (Intel Core Solo U1400 1.2GHz, 512MB RAM, 30GB HD, WinXP PRO, Bluetooth, EDGE)

Another awsome feature is that they are equipped with a fingerprint scanning Read more…

Stock Market Research

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I know stock market research can sometimes be overwhelming but it definitely pays to do your research. One of the best sites to track stocks, get detailed stock charts and company news is Google Finance. You can click here to check out Google finance for yourself. However if you are lazy or have become too busy (like me) to do your own research I have found that Forbes has some great independant stock market research available so you can sit back and let the stock market experts do the work. I actually just signed up for the Stock Market Research newsletter and saved a few hundred dollars off the initial price so I thought I would pass it along if anyone is interested. Get independent research from Forbes Special Situation Survey.
12 issues — Save $400 and get a FREE 16 page report. click here!

For Forbes Special Situation Survey Click Here!

If you prefer to do your own stock market research here is a little more information about “Google Finance”. Google finance is Read more…

Will Ferrell Confronts Global Warming

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In this video clip Will Ferrell does a great impersonation of George W. Bush. It’s amazing how much Will Ferrell actually sounds like the President. In this particular skit Will Ferrell (as George W. Bush) discusses the issue of global warming while on his ranch in Texas. It’s pure comedy. Not much else to say just enjoy the video!

This is the first post in the Premium Comedy Section. This section is not very relevant to the theme but I thought it would provide a few laughs and I wanted a section for comedy since it is a major part of my life. Besides… I am always coming across funny things while I search for content and products to write about so I figured I would share it with my readers! Let me know if you would like to see more comedy or if you think I should kill the comedy idea…

Most expensive homes in America

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Being involved in San Diego real estate I have seen some very expensive homes. In fact I have been to San Diego’s most expensive home which is currently on the market for $50,000,000.
It’s pretty crazy to think that even if you paid cash for the $50 million dollar home in Del Mar San Diego you would still have to come up with about $45,000 dollars a month just to pay the property taxes! Another interesting note is that not one of the “three most expensive homes in America” is located in the Nations 10 most expensive zip codes.
Anyway, for those of you with a couple hundred million dollars burning a hole in your pocket here are a few homes that you might consider. These are the three most expensive homes in America:

#3) “Portabello Estate” is currently on the market for $75,000,000. This triple oceanfront lot in Corona del Mar, was built less than 4 years ago. The home has eight bedrooms and ten full baths in nearly 30,000 square feet of ultra-modern space. The unique design resembles a nautilus shell, with a dramatic grotto surrounded by “chambers.” This amazing luxury home has amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and the rocky California coastline as well as private beach access.

75 million
#2) “Three Ponds” a mega luxury estate in Bridgehampton, N.Y. is also priced at an astounding Read more…