worlds most expensive cell phone

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I just came across the JG Design “Black Diamond” cell phone available from “Vioce Internet Phone Network” and I’m pretty confident that it is the worlds most expensive cell phone (at least I hope its the worlds most expensive phone) :). I thought that paying close to $500 for a Treo 700 was expensive but how about paying $300,000 for the “Black Diamond” luxury smart phone!

300k dollar black diamond phone
Wait… I know what your thinking… “$300,000 is a lot of money for a cell phone.” However, before you rush to judgment let me explain. The “Black Diamond” has a mirror-finished polycarbonate casing that is studded with diamonds. The phone also has a 4-megapixel camera and an ultra-sleek design. It has quad-band GSM/GPRS with built-in Wi-Fi, SIP support, and runs Windows Mobile 5.0 on a 400 MHz Intel XScale processor. The Black Diamond smartphone also has 128mb SD ram and a 2GB SD card (gotta figure the SD card alone is worth at least $50,000 right there)!

300k dollar phone
For those of you who just can’t wait till this phone hits the shelves in early 2007 I would suggest you check out the Black Diamond website and give them a call. Who knows… maybe if you offer to sign a two year agreement they’ll hook you up with a $50 mail-in rebate!

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Del Mar race season kicks off

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Yesterday was the opening day at the Del Mar race track. Del Mar’s 67th annual summer thoroughbred racing season turned out to be another huge success. The Del Mar race track draws huge crowds from arround the nation for the racing season’s 6 week run. For years, opening day in Del Mar has been one of the biggest parties in southern California and yesterday was no exception! Opening Day at the Del Mar race track is definately “the place to be” and Del Mar is still “cool as ever!”

For those of you looking for more horse racing info you can check out the official wesite of the Del Mar Race Track. Here you can see a live shot, check weather, found out about upcoming concerts and events… and for the true handycappers you can even get stable notes, jockey stats, stakes quotes, workout reports…

Del Mar horse races

Yesterday was the second-largest on-track crowd ever, with over 42,000 in attendance.
(The largest crown ever was on August 10th 1996 when 44,181 showed up for the Pacific Classic to witness Cigar’s unsuccessful attempt to break Citation’s record of 16 straight wins.

Take me out to the . . . track
Yesterday marked the second time in four years that opening day here has gone head-to-head with a Padres afternoon home game. And Del Mar has outdrawn the Padres on both occasions. There were 42,005 on-track yesterday, 32,101 at Petco Park. On opening day, July 23, 2003, 40,062 were at the track, 20,574 at the ballgame.

Jagerator (Jagermeister on Tap)

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The Jagerator is undoubtedly one of the world?s most significant inventions. Not since the creation of the Kegerator have I seen a more practical and indispensable device! J?germeister Tap Machines (?jagerators?) not only look cool but they prominently display 3 glorious bottles of Jagermeister atop a sleek black and orange jegermeister chilling machine. I know these are mostly for public bars and night clubs but at only $299.00 I don?t see how any true home bar could be complete without one. 😉 (I know it’s next on my list).

The best part is that the Jegerator tap machine is designed to chill Jager to between 5? and 12? F. For those of you who are too drunk to do the math that means the jager shots are served 20 degrees colder than ice! (Ice forms at 32? F)

In my opinion this tap machine is a great investment. : Let?s say you decided to buy it for a public bar or nightclub. The jagerator would actually end up paying for itself in a few bottles. The jagerator costs $328 shipped, a 1L bottle of jagermeister is about $25 and you can sell each shot for $4. This means that the jagerator will pay for itself in 3.07 bottles! Not bad 🙂

Jagermeister Music Tour

Jagermeister Music Tour tickets available at, the worlds largest source for premium event tickets. Venue: House Of Blues IL, City: Chicago, State: IL, Date: 11/25/2007, Time: 8:00 PM

TomTom Go 910 (with Ipod Compatability)

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TomTom GO 910 is the first portable navigation device featuring multi-continental map. The TomTom Go 910 has maps for all of Europe, the USA and Canada. However, my favorite feature on the new Tom Tom Go 910 is the fully integrated MP3 player. The 910 is fully compatable with an Ipod and has an easy to use Ipod interface that allows you to control your Ipod from the screen of your TomTom Go. The new TomTom Go also has enhanced text-to-speech functionality. The 910 also features integrated Bluetooth, text-to-speech functionality, and a 4-inch color screen (that can even display photos).

TomTom with Ipod
The TomTom Go 910 offers TomTom Plus, contents and services, to enhance users navigation experience and make journeys as easy, safe and fun as possible. In addition, the TomTom Go has improved and expanded the TomTom Traffic service to include Road Conditions and also TomTom weather and TomTom cameras. This allows you to install an optional reverse camera. The company has added a TomTom Read more…

Brabus Mercedes SLR

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Check out the exclusive BRABUS Sport Program for the Mercedes McLaren SLR!

The Brabus tweaked Mercedes McClaren SLR lets owners of the top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz models further individualize their vehicles. I recently did a post about the 2007 Mercedes SLR but and I can’t even imagine how fast the 2007 SLR will be after getting a few Brabus upgrades.

Brabus Mercedes SLR
BRABUS equips the SLR with a special self-locking differential. Its 40 percent locking rate further optimizes the super sports car’s traction and thus further improves acceleration.

In BRABUS Racing version with performance-improving fuel cooling, custom camshafts and an open racing exhausts system maximum power output of the supercharged V8 engine increases to 660 hp at 6,500 rpm. One downer is that the exhaust system is not certified for use on public roads. The Brabus SLR now jolts to 62pmh in just 3.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of up to 340 km/h (If you convert that to MPH it equils = REALLY FREEKIN FAST).

For further improved directional stability at high speeds the BRABUS designers developed a new spoiler for the front air dam. The exposed-carbon aerodynamic-enhancement part reduces lift on the front axle. The rear diffuser is also made from exposed carbon.

The conversion to the BRABUS 20-inch tire/wheel combination gives the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren even more dynamic handling prowess.

BRABUS also adds new sporty and exclusive highlights in the interior. The company-own upholstery shop created a BRABUS interior from an exclusive black and red combination of leather and Alcantara, perfectly crafted down to the last detail. The waffle-design stitching of the SLR leather floor is especially elaborate and it alone uses 7,800 meters of the finest thread.

Brabus slr interior
For easier entering and exiting BRABUS manufactured a custom BRABUS sport steering wheel with an ergonomically shaped rim that is flat on the bottom. For manual shifting of the SLR’s automatic transmission the BRABUS steering wheel features buttons integrated into the spokes.

The BRABUS interior designers developed precise-fit applications for dashboard, center console and door panels, all made from exposed carbon. They extend the BRABUS exterior carbon look into the interior.

New Samsung phone (ultra thin)

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The new Ultra Edition Samsung phones look pretty awesome. I was shopping for a cell phone over the weekend and saw the new Samsung Ultra edition 12.9 cell phone and it looks pretty slick! Its thinner than the razor, slides, is ultra small and comes with tons of great features (like a 3 megapixel camera and built in MP3 player). As in turns out there are three new “Ultra Edition” Samsung cell phones. First is the 9.9 (D830), second is the 12.9 (D900), and third is the 6.9 (X820) (all pictured left-to-right).
Samung ultra
The Samsung Ultra Edition 9.9 is feature rich. It includes tri-band (900/1800/1900MHz) GPRS/EDGE, a 2 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash, a 2.3-inch 240×320 262k TFT main display, Bluetooth, 80MB embedded memory with MicroSD expansion, MP3/AAC media player, and even an MPEG4 recorder with a TV-out jack! The Samsung Ultra Edition 6.9 brings pretty much the same network coverage, camera, Bluetooth, media capabilities, and on-board memory as the 9.9 but had to forgo the microSD card and flash while dropping down to a 1.9-inch 176×220 262k TFT display in order to slip into that world’s slimmest, 6.9-mm, 2.33-ounce package. The “larger” but still very sleek and stylish Samsung Ultra Edition 12.9 squeezes in quad-band GPRS/EDGE, a 3.13 megapixel shooter, 2.1-inch Read more…