Diamond and gold fishing lure

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I’ve never really been into fishing but from the looks of it, fishing is a pretty expensive hobby 😉 I just came across a $1,000,000 diamond and gold fishing lure… (I can only imagine what a fishing pole must cost)!
Well I looked into it a little further and as it turns out most fishing equipment is actaully affordable 🙂 But… if your shopping for that diehard fishing enthusiast that has everything than take a look at these lures! macdaddysfishinglures.com has an exclusive line of fishing flies and lures that feature shiny gold sprinkled and diamond encrusted lures. Their featured million dollar lure has about 100 cts. of Diamonds and Rubies (4,753 stones), over 3 pounds of platinum, 14-k and 18-k gold and it is over 12 inches in length!

million dollar lure
For those of us who dont want to spend $1,000,000 for a fishing lure they have some less flashy but still expensive diamond fishing flies. Here is just one example: Read more…

250cc Shifter karts (go cart on steroids)

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250cc Shifter Kart specs and info: Don’t be fooled… at first glance these little monsters might bear some resemblance to the 5hp go-cart you had growing up but the similarities stop there. These 250cc shifter karts can hit 60mph in 3 seconds flat and whip around a full size race track at speeds in excess of 125 mph. In fact, these 250cc Shifter carts have been clocked at the old A1 ring in Austria going over 180mph! Also… don’t worry about slowing down much in the corners because these shifter karts can hold 3.0 lateral g’s of cornering and braking force!

250cc Shifter kart
If your looking for an insane adrenalin rush but don’t quite have the cash for that Formula 1 racecar you always wanted than you might think about getting into Kart Racing. Shifter carts have a power to weight ratio close to an F1 and the closest thing to getting behind the wheel of a formula 1 race car. In fact… 250 Karting has been the starting point of a few of the current Formula 1 drivers racing careers. To get a sense of just how fast these 250cc shifter karts are watch the video below! Read more…

Worlds largest Mega Yacht (over 480 feet)

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Is your 100 ft luxury yacht just not good enough any more? Do you feel claustrophobic in your 15×15 owners suite? If so you might wanna give Hermidas Atabeyki a call. For only $320,000,000.00 dollars the Paris based designer can hook you up with the largest and most advanced super yacht anyone has ever seen! Currently he is in the developmental stages, creating a 147 meter mega yacht complete with helicopter landing pad, and an integrated submarine. In case you didn?t catch that? I said 147 METERS… equil to over 470 feet long!

The yacht also features a swimming pool on the upper deck, a disco and a movie theater for you to share with your 24 closest friends. The yacht has a garage for a submarine, so you can take your guests on underwater discovery trips after the movie! The project (codenamed M-147) will have various loggias, balconies, oriels and sun decks. In the stern there is a round shaped room that has a continuous glass front which provides an impressive 270? panorama view.
So? to be exact, the yacht is 482.6 feet long and 70.5 feet wide. Despite its massive size this mega yacht will have a cruise speed of Read more…

$50,000 Chess set made from F1 parts

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Are you someone who has a need for speed and craves the adrenaline rush that you can only get from a Formula 1 racecar? If so, I have found the perfect compliment! It’s the super exciting and intensely thrilling Renault F1 Team collection chess set. Now you can be reminded of your love for high speed Formula 1 racing action while you play an excruciatingly slow game of chess. 🙂
This chess set from the Renault F1 Team Collection is made from parts of F1 cars. The board is made of carbon fiber, while the chess pieces are made from parts of the wings, cockpit and suspension, and the materials used include titanium, sterling silver, aircraft grade aluminum, and leather.
F1 Chess set
This Renault F1 Team Collection chess set retails for about $50,000 dollars. The entire Renault F1 Team Collection lineup actually includes a number of other products, all made from parts of the Renault F1 racecar. Some other items include a coat rack, a table lamp, a vase… and much more. You can check out the F1 team collection for yourself. As expensive as these items are, they are definitely unique and beautifully designed. I am hoping that if I go ahead and purchase the entire collection I might be able to piece together my very own Formula 1 racecar!