Blackberry Pearl: Awesome smartphone

Author: Julien  //  Category: Premium Gadgets and Cool Toys

The Blackberry Pearl is going to be my next Smart phone!

Blackberry peal1
I was just about to give up looking for a full featured smartphone that came with an affordible service plan when I found the new Blackberry Pearl. For all you high rollers it might not the ultra exclusive “Black Diamond” (the worlds most expensive cell phone) but for those of us who don’t want to drop $300,000 dollars on a cell phone, you might consider the Blackberry Pearl. The Pearl is a sleek smartphone with all the features and a Qwerty keyboard. The RIM BlackBerry Pearl is reportedly thinner and lighter than a Motorola Razor and it packs in way more features. The Blackberry Pearl is the first BlackBerry to offer a 1.3-megapixel camera, music and video playback, expandable memory (SD Micro slot), and a mapping application, push e-mail capabilities, mobile interent, EDGE support, and Bluetooth. Best of all is that you can get this phone Read more…

Porsche Panamera picture

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When I hear the word “Porsche” I think small, sporty, and impractical, but very fun and very fast. However, after the Cayenne SUV and now the Porsche Panamera it looks like those “small” and “impractical” notions are changing.
The new 4 door Porsche Panamera will be fierce competition for the Maserati Quattroporte the Aston Martin Rapide and CLS55 AMG. The Porsche Panamera is going to be a front-engine, rear-wheel drive, four-seater and will look similar to the spy shot below).

I usually like Porsche styling but to be honest, I am not sure if I like the Panamera. The front looks great but from the rear view mirror back it?s Read more…