2007 Mercedes S65 AMG

Author: Julien  //  Category: Premium Automotive

All I can say is wow… I want one! This beast is not your average luxury sedan. The Mercedes S65 AMG has claimed the title of worlds fastest sedan. I almost couldn’t believe it when I heard that this car makes 738 ft. lbs. of torque and does 0 to 60 mph in just over 4 seconds! Not bad considering it weighs almost 5,000 lbs. Even with all that weight the S65 AMG has the the 2nd best power to weight ratio out of the entire AMG lineup. The only car with a better power/weight ratio is the new SL65 AMG.

Mercedes reports that the AMG engineers have modified it to reduce body roll by 68 percent over the standard, non-ABC S550. Hit a button on the dash and you get an additional 95-percent reduction in roll. It’s brakes are just as impressive, with drilled discs measuring 15.4 inches in front and 14.4 inches in rear. Eight-piston calipers clamp down on the front discs, four-piston calipers on the rears. Look for the S65 AMG to show up in late June or early July with a price tag of about $180,000 or $190,000.

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  1. Jeff42 Says:

    Looks like this is going to be tough competition for the Austin Martin Rapide. If I had to choose I would go with the mercedes S65. It would be pretty fun to have a 5,000 lb. sedan full of people and still be able to out perform a Lamborghini Diablo!

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