sync all your calandars and contacts easily

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I Just came across a free program called Plaxio that quickly and easily allows you to sync your calandar and contact information. You can sync with google, yahoo, Outlook…. and updates appear on all of your sites instantaneously! Just make a chance in one place and it will automatically show up in all your other calandars without having to use cables, cradles sync programs… and best of all it free! Apparently there are about 15,000,000 people who have already signed up so I guess this is not exactly exciting cutting edge news, but its new to me and hopefully you’ll find it useful too! Here is a video that briefly describes some of features of Plaxio:

Mercedes SLK with an SLR Motor

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What’s faster than a Mercedes SLR? How about an SLK with an SLR motor! Dubai car collector Mohammed Ben Sulayem commissioned this project which crams a Mercedes SLR engine into the smallest Mercedes sports car they make. Besides the fact that they had to cut away part of the SLK’s hood, the car looks like a completely stock SLK AMG 55 but the result is a crazy fast SLK-SLR that is capable of dusting a Ferrari Enzo! Even cooler is that they did the same thing with a Mercedes E-class. The E-class pictured below also has an SLR motor installed. Talk about the ultimate “sleeper!” Maybe next they’ll put an SLR motor in a new Mercedes S65 AMG just so they can shave off a few pounds and get another 10 or 20 horsepower. 🙂


Check out this video to see the SLK race an Enzo.

Touch screen table by Microsoft

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A few weeks ago Microsoft announced a pretty amazing new product called “Microsoft Surface” technology. Microsoft surface is a touch screen table that basically turns your coffee table into an interactive computer monitor. The touch screen table allows multiple users to interact with their hands to flip through pages, move and resize images, draw, navigate maps… and it also interacts with objects that you place on the table. (As an example, you could place your camera down on the table and the images on your device will spill out onto the table were you can edit and resize them). I could go on and on about how amazing this is but the video does a much better job so take a look.

If you haven’t seen this yet, take a look. Its crazy!

Best of all, Microsoft has announces that these touch screen tables will be available by the end of 2007. At $5,000 to $10,000 a pop they are still too expensive for home use but we can expect to start seeing them in select Casinos and Restaurants within a few months!

Flash website templates

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Flash website templates can help to give you a professional looking flash websites for a fraction of what it would cost to design a flash website from scratch. Although flash website templates often require a lot of additional coding and tweeking they can save you money by giving you a base to work off of. Instead of spending 100+ hours to make a fully custom flash website from scratch, you can tweek a flash website template within about 10 or 20 hours (depending on your flash skills and what needs to be changed). If you are interested in reading more about flash templates check out or click on the flash image below!