Flat black Rolls Royce Phantom

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If the Rolls Royce Phantom just isnt flashy enough for you than maybe you should consider the flat black Phantom. This flat black Rolls Royce Phantom is the new project of MANSORY and as you can see, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it definatly stands out from the crowd (as if the Phantom didnt already stand out enough)!

Flat black Phantom

Mansory Phantom

First off you wil notice the flat black laquer paint job and the much softer chrome exterior accents. The interior has carbon fiber and bright maple wood inlays and an implemented ambiance-light-effects that give the Phantom an amazing glow. The interior also features an alcantara roof lining, alcantara dashboard and a sport steering wheel. In the back there there are new electrical business tables with seat integrated multimedia monitors and perhaps best of all is the suspended particle device glass which allows the passangers to continuously regulate the transparency (opacity) with a remote control (similar to what you find in the Maybach)!

mansory driver view

Mansory after dark

Mansory lcd
Performance upgrades include a boost in horsepower and an increase in torque to 575 lb-ft @ 3920 rpm. The top speed is also increased to 168 mph. In addition they outfitted the Mansory Phantom with black forged 24inch wheels and huge 6 piston Brembo brakes.

For more specs and a closer look at the Flat black Masory Rolls Royce Phantom check out this video (unfortunately the only version I could find was in German):

Terry Tate Office Linebacker

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A funny video that my buddy Bobby just sent to me. This is a compilation of all the Terry Tate commercials from 6 or 7 years ago. “Terry Tate Office Linebacker” was a commercial series that Reebok created in which Terry Tate (played by Lester Speight) an NFL linebacker is employed at a corporate office. I believe this originally aired as a Super Bowl XXXVII commercial. If you aren’t familiar with Terry Tate – Office Linebacker, all you need to know is that Terry’s job is to keep the office staff in line, and as you will see, he “gives out the pain” to those who are not obeying the rules. Funny stuff!