Lamborghini Reventon more expensive than Ferrari Enzo

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If you recently started shopping for a car in the $1,500,000 range than you?re just a tad too late because all of the new Lamborghini Reventon’s have already been spoken for. (I guess your going to have to settle for one of those “dime a dozen” Ferrari Enzos or Bugatti Veyrons) 🙁

Lamborghini Reventon
The Lamborghini was revealed at the Frankfurt auto show in Geneva not long ago. Lamborghini will be producing only 20 of these supercars and they were exclusively offered to “friends and collectors” at a price of $1.4 to $1.6 million dollars.

So what makes this supercar so special? Well, the Reventon was inspired by the F-22 Raptor fighter jet and the exterior is made entirely of carbon fiber laid over a carbon fiber and steel frame. The Lamborghini Reventon shares much in common with the LP640 and makes just slightly more horsepower (650hp to be exact). The interior however has been completely reworked and the Reventon’s instrument panel, (modeled after that in a modern jet), is comprised of three customizable liquid crystal displays that displays all your instruments, including a G-force display that shows longitudinal forces in a 3-dimensional image.

“Our designers at the Lamborghini Style Centre took the technical base of the Murci?lago LP640 and Read more…

Redbull Airplane Racing

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Air Racing fans
For those of you that are tired of NASCAR, Formula 1, Speedboats, Off-Roading (and all the other boring 2 dimensional racing circuits) I have found a new sport for you! It?s called the Redbull Air Race and it’s about as intense as it gets! Specially built stunt planes fly through pylons on the ground at speeds of up to 250mph and pilots are made to withstand up to 10 G’s! The air race competition was created in 2003 by redbull and has quickly evolved into one of the most intense action sports on the planet. The Redbull Air Race world series spans seven venues across the world with races in Dubai, England, Spain, Rio De Janeiro, Australia, America…

Air Racing
This has proven to be an amazing spectator sport because the courses are very compact and the planes fly only a few meters off the ground, allowing spectators to get incredibly close to the airplanes and the air racing action (as you can see from the picture below)!

Air Racing panoramic
If you are in the Southern California area you have a rare opportunity to see an air race first hand this weekend in San Diego! The air race action will take place in the San Diego Bay and can be viewed from the North and South peninsulas of Embarcadero Marina Park. The qualifying rounds are on Friday September 21st and the finals (including the elimination rounds, quarter finals, semi-finals and final) are on Saturday the 22nd. Pilots fly against the clock through a slalom course consisting of specially designed pylons, known as ?Air Gates?. The Final rounds (known as the knockout rounds) consist of the two fastest pilots going head to head. Check out the video below for more information and some amazing video of the Redbull Air Races:

Check out a first place run from one of the recent Red Bull Air Races om Monument Valley Utah:

Portable BeerPong Table that floats

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Wow… a portable beer pong table that inflates and floats in the pool! This has to be one of the best inventions ever. The only thing I don?t like about it is that I didn’t think of this myself. 😉 (Evan after all those years of beer pong and pool parties the thought never crossed my mind). I must say, a floating beer pong table is a must have all those who enjoy the sport of Beirut. For those that are unfortunate enough to have never played beer pong (AKA Beirut) you can click here to get caught up: beerpong crash course.

floating beerpong table

I think that one of the greatest thing about having an inflatable beer pong table is that you can take it anywhere and it cleans up easy! No more having to buy expensive ping pong tables just to have them warped and beer soaked within a matter of months. No more having to make frantic runs to Home Depot to buy a sheet of plywood for your party. But perhaps best of all… if you play in the pool you can have uninterrupted beerpong tournaments without having to stop for bathroom breaks!!!!!

portable beerpong table

Ipod Touch specs

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So you have been playing around with your friends iPhone and wish you could get one right? The only problem is that you want the iPhone without “THE PHONE”. Well… your prayers have been answered because Apple is about to release its new “Ipod Touch”. The iPod touch will have the same look and feel as an iPhone but it wont have a phone or camera. In addition it will be lighter and smaller than the iPhone and it will have built in WiFi for internet access in wifi hotspots! You will even be able to access iTunes to preview and buy music directly from the ipod Touch! The Ipod Touch will set you back $399 ($100 less than the iPhone) and it will come with 8 gigs of memory.

ipod touch browser

iPod Touch specs:

– Crystal clear 3.5 inch touch screen
– 8mm thick (compared to the iPhone which is 11.6 mm thick)
– 4.2 ounces (compared to the iPhone which weighs 4.8 ounces)

ipod touch

Number of Billionaires in the World

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In case you were wondering what the number of billionaires in the world was this year… Forbes was recently able to track down an amazing 946 people that were worth over $1,000,000,000. The average net worth of all the billionaires was $3.6 Billion and the combined net worth of the 946 billionaires was $3,500,000,000,000 ($3.5 Trillion).
So who is the wealthiest billionaire you ask? Well its not very surprising that Bill Gates still holds the title of “Worlds Richest Person” for the 13th year in a row with a net worth of 56 billion. The biggest surprise however is that Carlos Slim Helu from Mexico fattened his wallet by about $19 billion in the last year to become the 3rd richest person with a new worth of $49 Billion! The list below shows the top ten billionaires and their net worth:

1 William Gates III is worth $56.0 billion dollars and currently resides in the United States
2 Warren Buffett is worth $52.0 billion dollars and also lives in the United States
3 Carlos Slim Helu is worth $49.0 billion dollars and currently resides in Mexico
4 Ingvar Kamprad & family is worth $33.0 billion dollars and currently lives in Switzerland
5 Lakshmi Mittal India is worth $32.0 billion dollars and resides in the United Kingdom
6 Sheldon Adelson is worth $26.5 billion dollars and currently resides in the United States
7 Bernard Arnault is worth $26.0 billion dollars and lives in France
8 Amancio Ortega is worth $24.0 billion dollars and resides in Spain
9 Li Ka-shing is worth $23.0 billion dollars and currently lives in Hong Kong
10 David Thomson & family is worth $22.0 billion dollars and currently resides in Canada