Paperless books: The Amazon Kindle

Author: Julien  //  Category: Premium Gadgets and Cool Toys

Thinner and lighter than a typical paperback the new Amazon Kindle is a groundbreaking new reading device that allows you to store and read all your books and newspapers on one device. The Kidle only weighs 10.3 ounces and uses a revolutionary electronic-paper display which provides a sharp, high-res screen that has the look of real paper.

Amazon Kindle

The kidle doesnt sync to your computer and it has no cables. Instead, it wirelessly connects to Amazon (using EVDO technology like cell phones) to allow you to shop the Kindle Store and dowload books, newspapers, magazines… There are almost 100,000 books available (for a price of $9.99) as well as many top U.S. newspapers including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post; top magazines including TIME, Atlantic Monthly, and Forbes?all auto-delivered wirelessly (in less than a minute, no matter where you are)! In addition you can surf many of the most popular blogs including:
BoingBoing, Slashdot, TechCrunch, ESPN’s Bill Simmons, The Onion, Michelle Malkin, and The Huffington Post…

The Kindle can hold over 200 books, has a battery life of about 2 to 8 days (depending on wireless usage) and best of all, you do not have to pay any monthly service fees to connect online.

At $399 the Amazon Kindle is still a bit too expensive for most people (as most new technologys are) but hopefully this will help lead to an economy that doesn’t rely as heavily on paper!

Watch a Cnet review of the Amazon Kindle here: