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What is an audiobook?

An audiobook is a book which is voiced and recorded in an audio format. The traditional media for audiobooks have been Cassettes, CDs and DVDs. Now the audiobooks are becoming popular in a more digital format which you can download online from a website and quickly start listening to it. Internet gets much credit for the popularity of audiobooks.

What comes in audiobook?

The content of an audiobook can be anything. Many publishers are bringing their new titles in audio format along with the print media. According to an estimate, there are 30,000 plus titles available in form of Cassettes, CDs, DVDs and downloadable audio files.  

Are there any advantages?

Many. People with vision problems find it hard to read a book can easily listen to an audiobook. You cannot read a book while exercising, or playing, or cooking. With audiobooks, you can actually follow the instructions of the book and make a yummy dish. No worries about spilling food on the paper too. These books can be enjoyed while doing anything  which require less attention.

Where to get audiobooks from?

Audiobooks over CDs, DVDs or Cassettes may come more expensive than the printed edition because of the demand. But with the boom of the portable media players, a free market is getting developed where a user can freely download an audiobook and start listening. You can find numerous sites which allow to download titles and listen for free. Some provide streaming audio whereas some might let your download and listen at your convenience.

Types of audiobooks

Audiobooks can be divided in two categories – Abridged and unabridged. The difference is that unabridged ones are word to word dictation of the book whereas abridged are transformed by the abridger. He narrates the story as per his style. Audiobooks can be completely transformed and made much interesting by using music and sound effects. 

Want to make your own audiobook

making your audiobook is not difficult either. All you need is a nice diction, a few gadgets and an easy recording software which too are freely available online. Besides these, there are some text-to speech tools which can convert your text to audio format.


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Hovercraft is an air cushion vehicle that rides on any smooth landscapes. It is effective in traveling over ice, land, water and rocky surface. This specialized vehicle is widely used in military applications i.e. in hostile environments. However, the Hovercrafts are emerging as a popular choice of transportation. 

The reason behind the access of hovercrafts in multi-textured land is its air cushion which has slow tempo but very powerful because the high pressure is ejected to its ground which contains a container itself called the skirt of the hovercraft.

The design of the hovercraft is very special because of its engine applications. There may be 1 or more than 4 engines at a time running the hovercraft. Crafts which has various engines basically used in driving the fan, another lifts the craft by incorporating high pressure below it, another works as propeller, engines are also used in pushing air pressure backward the craft to push it forward. 

Now the engines are designed differently in hovercrafts as per the mechanism of each craft. For the passenger hovercrafts 2 turboprop engines driven by propellers are effective. But these days Rolls Royce proteus gas turbine engines are more efficient in passenger carrying hovercrafts.

The skirt which is the most important part of the hovercraft can be of various types. The bag skirt, double walled flexible skirt, and others. The skirt makes the hovercraft moves easily in rocky terrains as well as stiffy ice surface. The mechanism of inflation and deflation of air works behind the effective movement of hovercrafts. 

The skirt fingers are another specialty in hovercraft that needs mentioning. This was made to avoid frequent obstacles. So, by moving the pitch of the craft by 15 degrees upward the excesses length of the skirt was fruitful for the mobility of the craft.

Uses of hovercraft previous years and now;

The first passenger hovercraft was the Vikers VA-3 in 1962. 

First commercial hovercraft was made in 1966.

Hovercrafts are the first choice for military applications. Hovercrafts carry tanks, missiles, cars and other ammunitions of military operations.

Hovercrafts are proficient means of administrative business crosswaters. It has been efficient in postal services, military stocking and public service.

The first car-carrying hovercraft debut in 1968.

Hovercrafts are used in maritime business, rescue operation, etc. there are many instances where overcrafts have been used in inland flooding rescue operations, muddy water, etc. 

Hovercrafts works as regular passenger vehicles in some countries. It is used as container in cruising, holiday destination and partying.

Venture Fetish Excels in Acceleration

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This year the Paris Motor Show has experienced the Venturi Fetish, the electric car. This is one of the world’s first sports car which runs by electricity. It costs 465,000 in dollars.

The electric car is exclusively powered by 330 horsepower with a range of 180 miles and a top speed of 110 miles per hour. This car has an amazing capability of accelerating speed between 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds which is simply great. Infact this feature is an out and out sport car’s engine module but as Fetish is an electric car it won’t release fuel emission.

Fetish promises to recharge its batteries within a short time unlike other electric cars. A complete discharged battery takes 3 to 4 hrs maximum to reload with charge. That means the charge option is designed specially keeping in mind the distance it covers in an hour!

Venture Fetish is sleek and cozy racy car with the attributes of aerodynamic mechanism. Its vivid exterior is sporty and reflects its features quite aptly.

The Fetish comes with customized options. The customers will have the freedom of designing the interior requirements of the electric car. Venture will make the car as per the choice of the buyers and deliver it shortly. 

Venture Fetish is double seated and just 3.89 m long. Though the speed is marvelously justified with the combination of battery and aerodynamics but hard driving can recklessly reduce the battery charge to 160 kms per hour.

The Fetish comes with WiMax connectivity. Drivers can monitor the status of the charge with a remote control. Venture and Intel in a joint venture have made life easy for fetish drivers who will be informed by their computers at home about the status of the charge of the electric car.

Another characteristic that will attract drivers to fetish is its light weight of 1111.3 kilograms. The craft is made of carbon fiber, a specialty of sports car. Its rechargeable batteries are made of lithium, weighing 340 kgs, one third of the car’s total weight. The batteries form a beautiful T- shape.

Fetish will be admired by environment lovers because of its no pollution policy. But critics are saying that whether it emits carbon or not depends on the electricity source.  If the electricity source is derived from Hydro or nuclear power then there is no chance of pollution but coal and other minerals will emits carbon in the environment. Thus a non-pollutant car Fetish can be a pride and satisfaction to the driver by thinking his or her contribution of healthy earth.


Virus Battery will Run Electronic Device

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has find out a virus made bacteria very effective in making biodegradable batteries. Now this virus is harmless to human being and can be used in running vehicle and other devices. The bacteriophage viruses are on their way to create revolution by making organic batteries which is environment friendly and be made better day by day. Here the viruses are forced to make contact with materials they normally doesn’t interact with. 

This surprising discovery is on its way to stun people with wonder that how organic things control an inorganic machine! The department says by describing the function of a battery that it transforms the chemical energy in to electrochemical power where electrolyte flows between a positively charged cathode and negatively charged anode. The department is thinking about vesting organic viruses that will be genetically produced in place of toxic substances for cathode and anode.

The department of MIT scientists 3 years ago found out a virus that assembles particles to grow nano type anode (1/10th of a human hair). The nanowire or a single virus is 6 nanometers i.e. 6 billionth of a meter in diameter and 880 nanometers in length. But researchers are saying that the size can be increased by later research of cloning millions of same virus copies to assemble in the battery. 

As we know batteries are powered by lithium which is also a vital part of cell phones. These batteries become heavy when charged with electricity. It got a high cost and hard to non-recyclable. The microbes battery has a size of a coin but scientists are of the opinion that the size of the battery can be converted in to flexible shape as per the container of the battery e.g. mobile or small electronic devices

As these viruses are negatively charged they are positively charged in polymer sheets to form energy. After research these microbes get to gather denser accumulation of anode by critical combinations of the molecules of cobalt oxide and gold. 

The electrons will pass through carbon nanotube wires and transforming electrodes to iron phosphate to input energy in no time. To get the result these viruses are toughened in iron phosphate and carbon nanotubes material which will survive high insulation of cathode. Moreover the batteries will have the equal capacity of power performance and suitable to hybrid cars as well.

The important aspect of this microbe battery is that without making the battery heavy the carbon nanotube networks will be effective in increasing the conductivity of positive energy or cathode.



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Willard Wigan began his artistic life and at the age of five. As he was suffering from dyslexia and learning difficulties, he could not continue in school and finally started to create art on minute items. He has created the art on many pieces, yet they are invisible normally. And many items also kept for sale as there was great demand for his exceptional talent. The works made by Willard recognized by the world leading technology, Entertainment, Design Institute and he has been asked to appear as guest speaker which is scheduled for July 2009 at world conference. 

The completion of ever such work takes up to 3months. The works i.e. micro-sculptures are so minute that there are visible through microscope only.  Each piece of such work will be kept within the eye of needle so that have better visibility. His work has been described as “Eighth” wonder of the world. Willard has been honored by receiving MBE from HRH Prince Charles for his services of art. Of course, now his life is somewhat attractable for literary and film industries and ready to secure his life story. 




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The World’ smallest Museum is located in Central Arizona on US HWY 60 in Superior, Arizona. The area of the Museum is just 134 square feet which is subdivided into 10 glass enclosed display booths. The Museum is open everyday except on Monday and Tuesday besides some major holidays and hot summer days. The business hours o Museum is 8 am to 1.30 pm of MST.  The attraction of Museum is showcase of historic US 60

Arizona’s finest roadside attractions i.e. World’s smallest museum. The museum also offers unique items at reasonable prices. The visitors can visit the aircrafts of ordinary life and can honor the world’s extra-ordinary workforce. The museum reflects the ordinary life by displaying unique aircrafts which is for memory lane and recycling them into fountains and waterfalls. 

The biggest attraction of the World’s Smallest Museum is World’s largest Apache Tear Good Luck Stone.  It is a Smokey brown translucent gem quality stone and only obsidian nodule hence truly called an Apache Tear. Besides, the museum has more attractions like 16mm projector of 1930, Corona typewriters of 1917, Mimeograph copier of 1960 and many more. 



Private jets now affordable

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Private jets have always been associated with the super rich high-filers with luxurious lifestyles. But now, they have become affordable. This has been possible due to the global recession and economic slowdown. Many millionaires are now ready to sell off their old jets to potential buyers. The price range can start from $22,000. Piper, Cessna, Bell, Beech, Robinson and Mooney can now be yours. The price may range from $22,000 to $300,000. 

According to the aviation industry reports, there are around 7000 planes in the United States which are to be sold. 3000 more planes in Europe and Asia are also looking for new buyers who are few. 

Executive jets, turboprop planes, piston aircrafts, helicopters and other small planes are up for sale. These aircrafts include brands like McDonnell Douglas, Gulfstream, Cessna, etc. The number of advertisements regarding sale of these planes is on the rise in newspapers and also online.  Advertisements for sale of spare parts of dismantled planes are also on the rise.  If the aircrafts do not get sold, they finally might be sold as scrap. 

Big companies like Bank of America, Citigroup and Starbucks want to sell off their jets and reduce their running costs in turn. The slowdown has had a very bad effect on them. According to a report, one out of five private jets is for sale. The prices are also coming down day by day. 

This whole thing also has a down side. The cost of repairs of the jets to get them flying is sometimes so large that it exceeds its cost price. Due to this factor, lesser people are buying these second hand machines.  Many websites related to sale and purchase of jets reported fewer buyers and diminishing enquiries for the planes. 

The point to ponder upon is whether to buy these fancy machines when even the super rich want to sell them?  If they cannot afford them, we wonder who will!


Expensive Supercars

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The world’s best and most fascinating and expensive supercars are favored by the rich and the famous. Celebrities and dignitaries who lead a stately lifestyle can never compromise when it comes to luxury and style. Some breathtakingly beautiful and expensive supercars which are launched are the Buggati Veyron Grand Sport which costs about 1.2 million pounds excluding taxes, Koenigsegg CCXR which amounts to almost 1,070,040 pounds, the sizzling Lamborghini Reventon which is about 800,000 pounds, Roadster and the Maserati also in the same range. These expensive supercars are used by movie stars and corporate gurus who drive these cars to set a new trend for their fans and hence create a unique brand image for themselves. These expensive supercars deliver remarkable performance and are invented after years of laborious research and development. These expensive supercars harbor some of the world’s best built in technology and gadgets that cost phenomenally high. Moreover when it comes to the aspect of speed one of the most prominent and all time favorite expensive world’s fastest supercars is the Ferrari 599 GTB which comes with a glorious 6 litre engine and runs at a top speed of 205mph.


Sony PRS505S ebook is a delight for the Readers

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Sony PRS505S is the 2nd edition of this kind which is widely becoming popular especially to the book lovers. It has a perfect book look with traditional 6’’ screen that is reader friendly. Sony has made it slim but compact and attractively light weighted. The device is trendy in its default software usages which includes MP3, Sony Memory Stick and accepts the PDF, DOC, TXI, HTML, and RTC formats.

The key features of Sony PRS505S ebook are:

? Its awesome lithium rechargeable battery.  It needs a charge on 2nd week you start reading a book reading 4 hrs on daily basis! 

? Weight of just 260 grams.

? Silver finish with 8 shades of silver grey which looks very stylish.

? The entire look of the ebook is H175 x W122 x D8mm i.e. handy wherever you go.

? Sony ebook don’t have backlight, leaving your eyes de-stressed.

? Sony ebook don’t have backlight, leaving your eyes de-stressed.

? Sony gives the Mp3 to listen to your favorite tracks while reading, though it’s a matter of discussion whether this is a cool option or not. 

? SD card slot and USB Mass storage interface.

? There is an option to format the books for future reading not only to Sony but devices like Convertlit and libprs500 giving you the freedom of manipulating files of your choice.

? You can download a library amount of 160 books from internet at a time. Now its time to stock the varied books of your choice and click the matter whenever you wish.

? Sony ebook model accepts the graphic formats of GIF, JPEG, SVG, BMP, PNG etc.

The Sony ebook is a popular means of entertainment device for its access. Where a paperback is delayed for various reasons; you get this ebook instantly you pay the sum in the internet. PRS505S ebook looks alike like traditional page from a book giving an assurance of healthy reading to its readers, even in the broad daylight. 

You have the option of book marking and the next, previous options are well located thus relaxing your fingers. And it will remind you the page you left the other hour. Moreover the readers get 3 zoom levels and high contrast and accommodative font sizes default with the Sony itself.

The book lovers who cannot think a vacation without books but worry about the fact of carrying sacks of book now have this light weight version which easily captures as many books as 160. 

With a buck of 300 dollars Sony ebook is a delight for those who want their favorite book delivered instantly. But the drawback of this ebook is that it required an active internet connection wherever you go.




Maserati GranTurismo MC Sportsline

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Maserati’s new personalized creation Mc Sportsline is dynamically stylish and aggressive. The first premiere of Maserati MC Sportsline held on Italy at Bologna Motor show where its captivating looks spellbound its admirers. The Sportsline is lined up version of Maserati GranTurismo S that accounts performance and reliable aerodynamics of this series. The Maserati lovers will get the entire sport series in early 2009.

The special feature is its stunning use of carbon fiber throughout. The concepts of aerodynamics and mechanization by the Maserati’s motor development department have empowered the this beast to new heights.

The style signature of MC Sportsline begins with the greeting saying ‘MC Sport Line’ on the door sills. Carbon fibres are artistically blended with harmonious technology giving an essence of power to its users. The Maserati MC Sportsline is an out an out sports car but admixed with the tinge of luxury. 

The exterior use of carbon fibres is spreaded in door handles,pedal block, kick plate made of aluminum gives a dignity amidst all black, side-mirrors, the spoilers , side skirts of the car covering the central panel which is finished in matt black, and the glitzy black wheels containing 20 rims are acquired the extra pace by the orientation of carbon fibre. It shows the modifications in the aerodynamics of the car in the handling of carbon fibers in the spoilers from its other versions. This enhances top class performance gripping the streets in its extremity. 

The interior course has the vivid sketch of carbon fibre highlights on the dashboard, central tunnel, steering wheel and shift paddles. The suspensions are stiffened by the springs more strong more durable than its previous product. The new Maserati MC Sportsline is cheek in the close suspension of road of 10 mm. It incorporated newer springs, shock absorbers, anti-roll bars from the S series. Upgradation of Maserati Stability programme software provides enough freedom to the driver to carry his or her wish over the car. So, if you think that the Sportsline lacks space, then it’s definitely not true. 

It should be noted that Maserati offers a customized package of these equipments. The outlook behind this concept is to provide customer satisfaction meeting with personal choices and negative features of the Maserati’s Sportsline.

The features which will attract drivers are its sporty look and treatment of suspension part with carbon fiber. The car critics are already saying that the looks of the car is quite interesting but the rest is about its performance in road. The close contact with the road is another backdraw as it needs an adaptation of the driver with the car.