AE86 to 86, Toyota’s New Sports Car

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The 86 does not fall under the normal category of luxury or exotic cars that we normally try to feature on Premium Posts but being such a big fan of the original 86 I could not help myself. The new 86 was developed to be a reasonably priced sports car with performance specs focused on being a car with serious racing and drifting capabilities.

Toyota's 86

This coupe was not developed solely by Toyota but was a joint venture between Toyota and Subaru. The outcome of this joint project produced the new version of the classic AE86. The original AE86 was a popular car among street racers and car enthusiasts in the 80’s and still today due to the cars combination of being lightweight, having simple yet powerful engine that was easily modified and the cars rear wheel drive configuration.
(The Toyota AE86)

Toyota AE86

The outcome of Toyota and Subaru project is know just as the 86 which is the same basic layout of the original with a front engine, rear wheel drive layout but with a significantly more powerful engine. With Subaru being part of the team it is no surprise in the engine bay of the 86 is the Porsche Boxer generating around 200hp at 7,000rpm and 151lb-ft of torque at 6,600rpm. On paper the car looks to be a fun little vehicle to drive but from what we have gathered from people who have actually driving the car it may not met the desired expectations. I cannot say I am surprised though, what made the AE86 so great was it’s simplify and balance. Judging from what we have seen of the new 86, it misses on both counts.

86 Car Engine
(2.0 liter flat-four boxer engine)