Personal Submarines

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As the worlds population continues increase and technology continues to progress the world is becoming smaller. Fast cars, luxury boats, stunt planes are become more and more common and as a result the play ground is getting more and more crowded. This means that finding unique places to explore and play are becoming harder to find. Under the oceans surface in the last environment that has been left fairly untouched.

Scuba diving has always been a popular hobby because it allows one to explore the ocean floor and see a different world. Scuba diving is extremely fun and gratifying but there are those who would prefer to explore not only in style but also with a friend while still remaining dry in a personal submarine.

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With the latest advancements in personal submarine technology, the small submarines can now go faster, deeper and stay submerged for longer periods of time. These personal submarines are different from the submersibles typically seen on the history or discovery channel, which are linked by a teaher line to a boat or platform on the surface. The personal submarines are launched a boat or dock but are completed independent and are free to explore the ocean floor on their own accord.

Advancements in design and construction are continuing to increase the varieties of the personal submarine available are. Like all vehicles, there are different classes tailored to the individual’s preferences. There are the sporty subs, that are small and quick, “SUV” subs made for transporting a small group and there are the all terrain models, which are able to go much deeper. These variations in preferences range in price from $1.3 to $15 million. The primary elements that dictate the price are:

  1. The number of passengers
  2. The depth the submarine can dive
  3. The length of time the submarine can stay submerged

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Some refer to our ocean as the last frontier. Why not explore the remaining frontier in your own personal submarine.