50 inch LCD computer screen (Radius 320)

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Well I was pretty happy with my 32inch LCD computer screen until I came across the Radius 320?. The Radius 320 actually incorporates three 20.1″ LCD panels into a continuous display system with no gaps in between. The Radius 320 practically wraps around you, creating an ergonomically friendly viewing experience that displays a total resolution of 5.76 million pixels across a 50-inch diagonal LCD screen. That’s a resolution of 4800X1200!

Radius 320
The Radius320? can be used on Windows and Mac operating systems but it requires enough video cards to support 3 DVI outputs at 1600 by 1200 resolution.

So you want one for Christmas? Well, the manufacturer doesn’t list a price but I know of someone who looked into getting one and it looks like the Radius 320 will set you back about $20,000.

For all you nerds, here are some more detailed stats on the Radius 320 seemless 50 inch LCD display:

Pitch = 0.255 mm
Colours = 16.7 million
Contrast = 500:1
Brightness = 350 cd/m sq
Response = 16 ms
Ratio = 4:1
Dimensions = 47??21??12?
Weight = 85 lbs

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  1. J. Alm. Says:

    I wonder if a 50 inches flat screen could be installed inside a bus with a DVD/CD player
    Will we be able to get electracity for the screen & the DVD/CD player?

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