$50,000 Chess set made from F1 parts

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Are you someone who has a need for speed and craves the adrenaline rush that you can only get from a Formula 1 racecar? If so, I have found the perfect compliment! It’s the super exciting and intensely thrilling Renault F1 Team collection chess set. Now you can be reminded of your love for high speed Formula 1 racing action while you play an excruciatingly slow game of chess. :)
This chess set from the Renault F1 Team Collection is made from parts of F1 cars. The board is made of carbon fiber, while the chess pieces are made from parts of the wings, cockpit and suspension, and the materials used include titanium, sterling silver, aircraft grade aluminum, and leather.
F1 Chess set
This Renault F1 Team Collection chess set retails for about $50,000 dollars. The entire Renault F1 Team Collection lineup actually includes a number of other products, all made from parts of the Renault F1 racecar. Some other items include a coat rack, a table lamp, a vase… and much more. You can check out the F1 team collection for yourself. As expensive as these items are, they are definitely unique and beautifully designed. I am hoping that if I go ahead and purchase the entire collection I might be able to piece together my very own Formula 1 racecar!

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2 Responses to “$50,000 Chess set made from F1 parts”

  1. Raph Says:

    Now that’s one chess set! I might just sell my car to get that one! Speaking of really intersting chess sets sometimes I wonder who’s got the money to pay more than a $1000 for a chess set. But I guess there are a lot of people that do guaging from websites like these http://www.chesshouse.com. Look at this amazing Silver chess set.

  2. William Frazer Says:

    I will buy it for $45 000

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