787 VIP private jet

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So you thought you were stylin in your $50,000,000 G5 business jet? Well there?s a new bird in town and it?s called the 787 V.I.P.
The 787 V.I.P. Boeing jet was recently introduced at the Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition in Dubai. The 787 VIP jet is scheduled to have its first test flight this month. Owners will be able to fly anywhere in the world non stop in ultimate luxury because the 787 VIP has a nautical range of almost 10,000 miles! Clients will be able to work with designers to mold the spacious cabin into a unique environment that exactly meets their tastes and needs. Regardless of if you are looking for a business office in the sky or a flying palace the possibilities are infinite, and depending on your exact setup, you can expect to have about 2,400 to 2,800 square feet of living space! (If you would rather think in terms of price per square foot it might be more easily justifiable at about $60,000/sq.ft.)

787vip exterior
Boeing?s carbon-composite 787-8 model, which would seat up to 250 people (if configured as a commercial airliner) now has seven orders for private 787s or ?787 VIPs? as we like to call them. Boeing said It is pitching this ?mega-business jet? to wealthy entrepreneurs (and I emphasize WEALTHY) because the 787 VIP requires the type of buyer who can drop $153,000,000 on a jet! So who has this kind of money you ask? Well, Boeing recently announced that it received an order for a private 787 VIP airplane from Hong Kong real estate tycoon Joseph Lau who is one of Asia?s richest entrepreneurs, with a net worth of about $2.1 billion (according to Forbes magazine). So for all you dime a dosen multi millionaire’s… you better start putting some money in the piggy bank! ;)

787vip interior2

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