Armored Maybach

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Do you ever worry for your safetly while your driver escorts you to the grocery store? you might want to consider investing in a fully armored Maybach 62. This super luxury armored sedan was created by RIJCK. This armored “Maybach 62″ is a true masterpiece with only the best materials in terms of safety and ballistic reliability used. The car features B6 armoring which is considered sufficient for the car to have a mine explode underneath it and the gas tank and tires are self healing.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Rijck, they are a company that has established a considerable reputation for itself within the rather competitive field of armoured luxury vehicles. Rijck is one of only two manufacturers worldwide that armours the acclaimed Maybach limousine up to level B6 CEN.
Armored Maybach

RIJCK is a company with comprehensive skills in the fields of R&D, design, engineering, craftsmanship and technology. They are able to offer individual customers the opportunity to order armoured limousines, SUVs and luxury sedans that are designed to meet their own exclusive requirements of luxury and comfort, as well as the most stringent security specifications. Clients include heads of states, royal families, high ranking officials and aid agencies.
armored maybach interior
This armored Maybach 62 is manufactured to the highist standards of ballistic protection and security, while at the same time maintaining superior levels of luxury and comfort.

they have a team of the most experienced and renowned automotive protection engineers. These engineers have outfited the Maybach 62 and incorporated the RIJCK Safety Cell with ballistic level B6.

Here are just a few of the hightlights:
Armored Maybach features

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18 Responses to “Armored Maybach”

  1. Borat Michkiv Says:

    very nise

  2. Gary Colman Says:

    that’s bad ass,
    some muthas out there are really livin’

    wish that was me with all that up in my life.

  3. London-Kate Says:

    My daddy has the same one!

  4. dubai-farhan Says:

    this is nice … but the armored bentley my dad have … is more cooool!!

  5. Raul Guzman Says:

    My dad el chapo guzman has 9 2008 escalades, 2 maybachs, 3 rolls royce, 7 lilncolns mark lt and 3 ferraris armed with this company and we feel very safe in the streets they are made with the best quality material

  6. Gabriel Mvumvure Says:

    Man i don’t know what to say but Maybach is on its own level. People talk about Rolls Royce Phantom but i don’t blame them. They just don’t know what MAYBACH is. There are only two cars in the world. Thats MAYBACH and others.

  7. Gina Harry Says:

    I have the newest model of the Ferrari F430 and it is MUCH better then this vehicle could ever be. Faster too.

  8. Jonathan Rau Says:

    Wow, Armored Maybach 62…not bad if you want to remain hidden
    Not for nothing, Maybachs are overpriced Lincoln, they are monsterous, ugly cars
    I have an Armored Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, in black, Rolls-Royce began offering them for clients such as myself with special needs
    The job I do requires something, I like to live in luxury, I already had a Phantom, it calls enough attention as it is, even being armed doesn’t help too much if your being fired on, had to get one

    I know princes and royal members of small little unimportant european nations drive these, its a waste of steel and money, if your going to spend that much, spend it on a Phantom or even an armored Cadillac, not that ugly thing

  9. DFR Says:

    Hmm…not too impressed with this model. I Think when my saleen gets in I’ll drive over RIJCK; they can probably intall all those cute “doddads” on my whip.

  10. beck white Says:

    my mom had one but i never noticed the windows were that thick.

  11. beck white Says:

    to dubai farhan, obveously u haven’t had a maybach i mean bentleys are cool don’t get me wrong my mom has had 3 exotic cars 1 maybach 62 and 2 bentleys, she just traded in her 2006 bentley continental GT coupe for a new 2009 bentley continental GTC mulliner which she has just bought and i like it a lot but its nothing at all like her maybach. I mean your comparing a $400,000 maybach with a $220,000 bentley. When you have a maybach it has the best of the best in everything and you are invited to places all over the world for free.

  12. beck white Says:

    to rual guzman, nobody in their right mind would be so stupid as to buying 9 of the same escalades, 2 maybachs, 3 rolls royce, 7 lincolns, and 3 ferrari’s. So what i am trying to say is you are a liar and that will not get you anywhere in life.

  13. beck white Says:

    people came up to me and my mom every day and asked me about it. I guarantee you that if you every see one and you ask the owner if he or she gets comments on it they will say about 20 times a day. It’s got a v-12 6.0 liter and 554 hp engine. You can think of it as a super computer and the most important thing i want to tell you is that first of all it’s not a damn mercedes it is it’s own company it is just sold by mercedes. Even journalists call it mercedes and its not true and second of all i don’t think any other car can automatically stop when a car has moved in front of it by itself but the maybach can. My mom and I named it, it was sort of funny we called it grace. One more thing is if there is a maybach in your town then its probably the only one in the town my moms was the only one in san diego and then 2 more people bought one in san diego.

  14. Sumit Says:

    I really liked this car and soon i m gona buy it….

  15. raj Says:

    my dream car is a ferrari is there any chance to have ride in one

  16. LVS Says:

    To Beck White, Actually you are wrong in your assumption about the maybach being the only car able to automatically stop when a car moves in front of it….I have a Jaguar Super 8 and it has motion detectors in it which enables it to slow down or stop when a car moves in front of it also.

  17. douglas Says:

    that ride is sweet and btw isnt el chapo guzman like one of the most wanted men??
    and for every1 talking about the number of rolls and bentleys they have just quit the bullshiting its not impressing anyone. if u were rich enough to have all of those you wouldnt be checking out cars on the internet and commenting, showing off your ‘maybachs’

  18. 00971503477914 Antony Says:

    My Dad doesnt have ne Maybach or Ne Merc!!!!But i will tell u tht 1 day i will own such a car and then i will call it MY OWN MAYBACH!!!!
    All i can say abt tht car is it is absoulute amazing and whoever made it is absolute an Genius!!!!Hat off to the man who made it!!!

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