Armored SUV puts Hummer to shame

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Armet Armored Vehicles Inc. is the company resposible for building the “Gurkha.” That’s right, it’s called the ?Gurkha? and its a fully armored 19,000 lb ballistic SUV that has a top speed of 93mph and puts the Hummer H1 to shame. The Gurkha looks and acts like a tank. It is outfitted with: ballistic glass windows that can stop bullets from an AK-47, and high strength ballistic aluminum armor to protect you from roadside bombs (not to mention it will make you the center of attention when you pull up at the valet). The Gurkha will set you back about $200,000 but hey? you can?t put a price on your safety right?

The over-the-top Gurkha is likely to find a niche among celebrities who need that bling factor. In fact, the first civilian delivery is for a “well-known personality” in California and it will take place very soon. (Not sure but my guess is that the Gurkha will be added to Jay Leno?s car collection). However, believe it or not, the Gurkha isn?t just built to protect wrappers and celebs from their crazy fans. The Gurkha armored vehicle will also actually serve a purpose in combat.

William Whyte, owner of Armet Armored Vehicles says the first 40 have been built this year for delivery to the Canadian and the American military in the Middle East.

P.S. Its been about 15 years since I saw the movie last, but does this thing remind anyone else of the armored SUV that they had in “Tango and Cash”

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3 Responses to “Armored SUV puts Hummer to shame”

  1. Shawn Hogan Says:

    I know what I want for Christmas!

  2. vicioussummer Says:

    Wrappers?! Are those the people at the mall that wrap your presents when you are done shopping? ;)

  3. Julien Says:

    Yes… Believe it or not, wrappers can make millions durring the holiday season if they have good freestyle wrapping skills. Land a gig at one of the major malls like “Fashion Valley” and your set for life. If I was a wrapper I would definately consider buying a Gurkha for my protection because some of the other less skilled wrappers might get jelious and try to cut you.

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