Bugatti Veyron roadster release

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Bugatti will soon be releasing a “Bugatti Veyron roadster”. Besides the new roof design, not much will change with the Bugatti roadster. You will still be able to cruise down the Pacific Coast highway at 252 mph… but now you can work on your tan at the same time! The design of the roof is not yet finalized and it is unsure if it will feature a glass targa type roof or a removable hardtop. The Bugatti roadster will still be powered by a quad turbo W16 engine that makes 1,000 horsepower (basically 2 twin turbo V8 engines smashed together) and it will most likely be otherwise identical to the 2008 Bugatti Veyron with all the same specs. And yes it will still cost $1,000,000+ dollars.

bugatti veyron roadster

So start saving… the Bugatti Veyron roadster will be released in the 2009 model year.

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  1. simon Says:

    that car will be the best of the year

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