Burj Dubai worlds tallest building

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It’s a base jumpers dream come true! The Burj Dubai which literally means “Dubai Tower” in Arabic is well on its way to becoming the worlds tallest building. In fact it is estimated that once complete, the Burj Dubai will be 2,684 feet which will easily make it the tallest land-based structure to have ever been built (at over a half mile tall)!!!
The Burj Dubai skyscraper is the centerpiece of a new development under construction in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The project was started in 2004 and with the help of 5,000 workers going around the clock (24 hours a day) this amazing building is scheduled for completion in late 2008! Even more amazing is that with this many workers, the Burj Dubai is being constructed at a rate of 1 floor every 3 days!!!! As of August 12th 2007 the Burj Dubai was 145 stories tall and stood at about 1,743 feet. Just to put that into perspective, the Sears Tower measures 1,729 feet at the very tip of its antenna.

Burj Dubai height

Once complete, the Burj Dubai will be the world?s tallest man-made structure and the tallest building by any measure. The Burj is the centerpiece of a master planned development called ‘Downtown Dubai.’ The total budget for the Burj Dubai skyscraper project is about $4 billion US dollars and for the entire new ‘Downtown Dubai’ the budget is $20 billion US Dollars.
Within the Burj Dubai there will be a Giorgio Armani Hotel that will occupy the first 37 floors, numerous restaurants and 65 floors of private condos. (If you are thinking that this might be a good investment well you were probably right… because according to the developer all the residences sold within 8 hours of going on sale). Corporate offices and suites will fill most of the remaining floors, except for a 123rd floor lobby and 124th floor indoor/outdoor observation deck. An outdoor zero-entry swimming pool will be located on the 78th floor of the tower along with 3 other pools.

Burj Dubia
Finally, the Burj Dubai will also feature the world’s fastest elevator, rising and falling at a speed of 40 mph! Currently the world’s fastest elevator in the Taipei 101 office tower only does 37.6 :)

Here is a video that shows the progress of the Burj Dubai from when they broke ground to 2006:

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5 Responses to “Burj Dubai worlds tallest building”

  1. moryarti Says:

    You should read this week’s edition of MEED magazine. There is a story there that says The Burj thats built by Nakheel (Palm.ae) will be over 1km high. Making Burj Dubai the second tallest.

  2. Richard Brown Says:

    Where does the Freedom Tower fit into all of this? The buildings coming out of Dubai are amazing. It makes Vegas look like a one-horse town…

  3. a Thelen Says:

    sooo…whats the point behind all of this? i can see the tourism and ultimately, business side to this but to be honest all i can think of is the tower of bable. why don’t they spend 20 billion dollars on somthing worth while like bringing an end to the addiction to oil. or feeding hungry poeple, or cancer reseach. maybe somthing that will really matter to mankind. don’t get me wrong i think it’s cool that we as human’s can conceivably build somthing of this magnitude, and are apparently doing so, but i ask why when there are obviously bigger fish to fry? is it greed? boredom? muscle flexing?

  4. Alex Says:

    A thelen, why on earth would Dubai ever bring an end to the oil addiction. Thats where their money comes from. The reason they are building spending billions, is becuase within 10 years Dubai will be out of oil. The tourism and business oriented city will be the fall back of their economy. This may seem like a unfathomable amount of money spent, but not even close to the amount of money they will make on this genius investment.

  5. Humaira Arshad Says:

    Burj Dubai I Love U……. I want to work in this new wonder of the world…..

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