Burning Salt Water

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Just when you think you understand how physics and chemisty works someone goes and does something like this:

In an recent (accidental) discovery, an inventor was able to actually set saltwater on fire by exposing it to electromagnetic rays! Yup… they set water on fire! In fact, it is now believed that some day in the not so distant future the burning of water might become an alternative source of energy.

It all happened less than a few months ago when John Kanzius, a Washington County native, was attempting to desalinate ocean water with a generator he developed to treat cancer. During his experiment he noticed an unexpected flash in the test tube. Within a few short days John had reproduced this unexpected result and had the saltwater (which was exposed to radio frequencies) in a test tube burning like a candle. This recent, ground breaking discovery has sparked scientific interest and there is hope that someday the world’s most abundant substance (saltwater) might be able to function as a clean fuel (among other things).

The basic idea behind this new discovery is that the precise radio frequency weakens the bonds holding that hold together the constituents of salt water (sodium chloride, hydrogen and oxygen) and releases the hydrogen witch is then flamable and once ignited can burn continuously while exposed to the RF energy field. The flame’s temperature burns at an amazing 3,000+ degrees Fahrenheit and generates a tremendious amount of energy. Still it is not known if the energy output from the burning hydrogen is enough to overcome the Radio Frequency generator’s energy usage but I am sure that scientists will be researching and developing this around the clock! Pretty amazing huh!

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