A couple classy drinks

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A Hole in One
Here’s a way for you to show everyone what a true golf fan you are! It’s called a “Hole in One” and it sounds PARfect (that was cheesy I know). So… next time you find yourself at the 19th hole and you can’t decide what to order, consider a Hole in One. If nothing else it will help you forget about the horrible round you just shot). 😉

1.5 oz Johnnie Walker Red Label
3 oz Unsweetened Tea
1 tbsp Honey
1 Lemon Wedge

How to prepare it: Add the Johnnie Walker Red Label, honey and unsweetened tea in a glass; stir it and serve over ice. Garnish the drink with a lemon wedge.

Black Velvet
Still looking for another drink? How about a “Black Velvet”? The Black Velvet will give you a hint of class and allow you to drink that dark beer at the same time! Guiness and Champagne, that’s all there is to it.

0.75 pint Guinness
0.25 pint Champagne

How to prepare it: Pour Guinness in a tall glass and top it off with champagne.

Order live Maine lobster

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Lobster Gram Delivers Great Father's Day Gifts
I found a cool website were you can order live Maine Lobster. I thought I would share it with everyone because it could make a great fathers day gift. Not only can you order live Maine lobster, but you can also order lobster tails, mouth watering 3-? lb. JUMBO lobsters, hand cut aged USDA Choice Steaks, Crab Legs, Jumbo Shrimp, steak burgers, even clam chowder, desserts, and side dishes…
You can order just the live Maine lobster and (for example) get two 1 pound live Maine lobsters delivered to your doorstep for about $50 or you can choose from their combos and specials. One of their best looking specials was called the “Super Jumbo Lobster Gram” which came with two 3 to 3.5 lb. live Maine lobsters, lemon, butter, shell crackers and seafood forks, all for only about $120.
If simply having live Maine lobster won’t do, they have some awesome complete dinner packages and specials:

A fathers day package they have for only $177 includes mouth watering 6-7 oz. Maine Lobster tails, tender 6 oz. Filet Mignon, Premium Crab Cakes and 2 individual New York cheesecakes (plus butter and a Cooking Manual)!

order live maine lobster
If you happen to be entertaining for 6 guests and you want to go for the ultimate, I would suggest the Surf & Turf dinner. This incredible meal for up to 6 people includes rich & creamy New England clam chowder and succulent Jumbo shrimp, 6 live Maine lobsters and 6 filet mignon steaks. For dessert they have included Read more…

Best red wines

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red wineI had dinner at a great restaurant not long ago with a couple friends and one of them brought along a 1994 Opus One cabernet. This was definitely one of the best bottles of wine I have ever experienced. A bottle of “1994 Opus One” would probably cost upwards of $300 if you were to find it on a wine list at a nice restaurant. This got me wondering… just how much can you spend on a bottle of wine?
Well, in the mid-’80s, billionaire Malcolm Forbes paid approximately $155,000 for a bottle of wine at an auction . The bottle, which was believed to have come from Thomas Jefferson’s own collection dated back to 1787. However when the bottle was mistakenly put on display under strong lights at the wrong angle the cork deteriorated, fell into the bottle, and the wine lost its value and was thrown away.
Below is a list of 5 of the most expensive bottles of wine that are currently on the market and available at fine wine retailers. (As we all know, wine is highly collectable and prices at auctions, and in the secondary market can be much much higher).

Chteau Valandraud Saint-Emilion 1995
Valandraud comprises approximately 10 small parcels of land totaling 35 acres. This wine has been made with care and is quite rare, hence the price. Firm tannins define its rich and spicy structure; it is bolder than later vintages. Chteau Valandraud Saint-Emilion sells for approx. $668 dollars.

Chteau Latour Pauillac 1990
Among the raciest wines of the Mdoc region, Wine Spectator selected Chteau Latour Pauillac as the single best wine of 1993, bestowing on it a perfect score. An everlasting finale is the masterstroke of this vintage, which favors caramel, chocolate, licorice, dark cherry, and roasted fruits. The mouth is opulent and wholly composed. The 1994 vintage is also highly sought after. A bottle of 1990 Chteau Latour Pauillac willl cost approx. $774 dollars.

Chteau Le Pin Pomerol 1999
Chteau Le Pin Pomerol is truly one of the most illustrious wines to come out of Bordeaux. Its fullness comes from the downy levels of mocha, black cherry and currant flavors. It’s a favorite of serious wine collectors. A 1999 Chteau Le Pin Pomerol costs approx. Read more…

Info on the Amex “Black Card” (now made of Titanium)

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About 7 years ago American Express announced the introduction of the Centurion Card. The Centurion Card (AKA ?The Black Card?) is offered by invitation only to selected American Express Platinum Card members. The Black Card carries an annual fee of about $2,500 but offers a number of great perks and benefits and an unlimited spending limit. Starting in the first quarter of this year American Express now makes the Centurion card out of pure Titanium!

balck card
According to one of the Black card members, the Centurion ?arrives at your house with a security guard. You get this big, black, velvet-lined box, with a special mini-computer and two black cards in it, one for business, one for pleasure.? If you put your card in the mini-computer, it tells you how much you?ve spent.

So? what exactly do you get for this highly exclusive and coveted card (besides a $2,500 bill)? Below I have outlined a few of the coolest features of the Black Card:
1) Each card member is assigned a personal travel counselor and their own concierge to help with anything from special occasion planning, dinner reservations, tickets to sold out shows, help with gift ideas, and help locating unusual items.
2) Complimentary upgrades on airlines, hotels Read more…

World’s Most expensive Sandwich

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expensive sandwich
If you are looking for a premium sandwich this one is without a doubt the best of the best. This premium sandwich is London’s most expensive sandwich (and likely the most expensive sandwich in the world). Ironically, this sandwich was nick named The MacDonald Sandwich, named after Scott McDonald the executive chef of Selfridge’s London department store were the sandwich is sold. Chef McDonald piled on a series of high-end comestibles to create a sandwich that’ll run you about Read more…

Best Restaurants

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Have you ever wondered what the best restaurant in the world is? Below is a review of the Top Ten Best Restaurants in the World. As a bonus there is a recommendation on where to stay if you should decide to take an adventure and try them out for yourself. The survey was done by Restaurant Magazine, with the winners chosen by an international panel of more than 600 impossible-to-please restaurateurs, food critics, chefs, and industry experts. For the complete story and a list of the world’s Top 50 restaurants check out the complete article at worldpress.com

An interesting side note: Restaurant Magazine (the magazine that conducted the study) is a UK based publication, and London happened to have 11 of the worlds top 50 restaurants while Paris the city with the second most restaurants received only 6 awards. I can’t help but think that they may be a bit biased? However, in their defense the United States-based Gourmet Magazine recently declaring London ?The best place to eat on the planet,? maybe London’s days of bangers and mash are over?

1st Place: THE FAT DUCK The Fat Duck
Bray, Berkshire, Britain
This is the place that does bacon-and-egg ice cream, snail porridge and sardine-on-toast sorbet. So you can safely say you?ve never had a meal like it. Run by chef Heston Blumenthal since it opened in 1995, it already has three Michelin stars under its belt. The spectacular eight-course tasting menu costs $225.
Bookings: Reserve two weeks in advance for weekdays and at least a month ahead for weekends.
Where to stay: Make a gastronomic weekend of it and stay at the Michelin-starred nine-room Waterside Inn.

2nd Place: EL BULLI Read more…