Redbull Airplane Racing

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Air Racing fans
For those of you that are tired of NASCAR, Formula 1, Speedboats, Off-Roading (and all the other boring 2 dimensional racing circuits) I have found a new sport for you! It?s called the Redbull Air Race and it’s about as intense as it gets! Specially built stunt planes fly through pylons on the ground at speeds of up to 250mph and pilots are made to withstand up to 10 G’s! The air race competition was created in 2003 by redbull and has quickly evolved into one of the most intense action sports on the planet. The Redbull Air Race world series spans seven venues across the world with races in Dubai, England, Spain, Rio De Janeiro, Australia, America…

Air Racing
This has proven to be an amazing spectator sport because the courses are very compact and the planes fly only a few meters off the ground, allowing spectators to get incredibly close to the airplanes and the air racing action (as you can see from the picture below)!

Air Racing panoramic
If you are in the Southern California area you have a rare opportunity to see an air race first hand this weekend in San Diego! The air race action will take place in the San Diego Bay and can be viewed from the North and South peninsulas of Embarcadero Marina Park. The qualifying rounds are on Friday September 21st and the finals (including the elimination rounds, quarter finals, semi-finals and final) are on Saturday the 22nd. Pilots fly against the clock through a slalom course consisting of specially designed pylons, known as ?Air Gates?. The Final rounds (known as the knockout rounds) consist of the two fastest pilots going head to head. Check out the video below for more information and some amazing video of the Redbull Air Races:

Check out a first place run from one of the recent Red Bull Air Races om Monument Valley Utah:

250cc Shifter karts (go cart on steroids)

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250cc Shifter Kart specs and info: Don’t be fooled… at first glance these little monsters might bear some resemblance to the 5hp go-cart you had growing up but the similarities stop there. These 250cc shifter karts can hit 60mph in 3 seconds flat and whip around a full size race track at speeds in excess of 125 mph. In fact, these 250cc Shifter carts have been clocked at the old A1 ring in Austria going over 180mph! Also… don’t worry about slowing down much in the corners because these shifter karts can hold 3.0 lateral g’s of cornering and braking force!

250cc Shifter kart
If your looking for an insane adrenalin rush but don’t quite have the cash for that Formula 1 racecar you always wanted than you might think about getting into Kart Racing. Shifter carts have a power to weight ratio close to an F1 and the closest thing to getting behind the wheel of a formula 1 race car. In fact… 250 Karting has been the starting point of a few of the current Formula 1 drivers racing careers. To get a sense of just how fast these 250cc shifter karts are watch the video below! Read more…

Del Mar race season kicks off

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Yesterday was the opening day at the Del Mar race track. Del Mar’s 67th annual summer thoroughbred racing season turned out to be another huge success. The Del Mar race track draws huge crowds from arround the nation for the racing season’s 6 week run. For years, opening day in Del Mar has been one of the biggest parties in southern California and yesterday was no exception! Opening Day at the Del Mar race track is definately “the place to be” and Del Mar is still “cool as ever!”

For those of you looking for more horse racing info you can check out the official wesite of the Del Mar Race Track. Here you can see a live shot, check weather, found out about upcoming concerts and events… and for the true handycappers you can even get stable notes, jockey stats, stakes quotes, workout reports…

Del Mar horse races

Yesterday was the second-largest on-track crowd ever, with over 42,000 in attendance.
(The largest crown ever was on August 10th 1996 when 44,181 showed up for the Pacific Classic to witness Cigar’s unsuccessful attempt to break Citation’s record of 16 straight wins.

Take me out to the . . . track
Yesterday marked the second time in four years that opening day here has gone head-to-head with a Padres afternoon home game. And Del Mar has outdrawn the Padres on both occasions. There were 42,005 on-track yesterday, 32,101 at Petco Park. On opening day, July 23, 2003, 40,062 were at the track, 20,574 at the ballgame.

World’s best Golf Courses

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Here are some descriptions on just a few of the oldest and best golf courses in the world:
Augusta – USA Augusta is a stunningly beautiful course located in the American Deep South. Augusta is the home of the world-renowned Masters tournament. Beautifully designed with lightning fast greens, without a doubt one of the world’s best.

Ballybunion – IRELAND Ballybunion is fantastic links course situated in County Kerry southern Ireland.ballybunion Well known for it’s towering sand dunes and cliff side holes running along the Atlantic. Stunning scenery surrounds this course but it is an unbelievably challenging links course. A fantastic welcome awaits all who visits.

Cypress Point – USA Just a stone’s thrown away from Mayor Clint Eastwood’s Carmel and John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row. A fearsome course for hard men. The Monterey Peninsula on the American west coast is a picturesque location but certainly one of the most difficult golf courses to date.

Kiawah Island – USA
Kiawah Island was only opened in 1991. Located off the south coast of Carolina. Kiawah was awarded the 1991 Ryder Cup between Europe and the USA. Fabulous Atlantic setting rich in marsh land and sand dunes. A truly terrific links course.

Pebble Beach – USA Simply one of the Read more…