Personal Submarines

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As the worlds population continues increase and technology continues to progress the world is becoming smaller. Fast cars, luxury boats, stunt planes are become more and more common and as a result the play ground is getting more and more crowded. This means that finding unique places to explore and play are becoming harder to find. Under the oceans surface in the last environment that has been left fairly untouched.

Scuba diving has always been a popular hobby because it allows one to explore the ocean floor and see a different world. Scuba diving is extremely fun and gratifying but there are those who would prefer to explore not only in style but also with a friend while still remaining dry in a personal submarine.

  • personal submarine

With the latest advancements in personal submarine technology, the small submarines can now go faster, deeper and stay submerged for longer periods of time. These personal submarines are different from the submersibles typically seen on the history or discovery channel, which are linked by a teaher line to a boat or platform on the surface. The personal submarines are launched a boat or dock but are completed independent and are free to explore the ocean floor on their own accord.

Advancements in design and construction are continuing to increase the varieties of the personal submarine available are. Like all vehicles, there are different classes tailored to the individual’s preferences. There are the sporty subs, that are small and quick, “SUV” subs made for transporting a small group and there are the all terrain models, which are able to go much deeper. These variations in preferences range in price from $1.3 to $15 million. The primary elements that dictate the price are:

  1. The number of passengers
  2. The depth the submarine can dive
  3. The length of time the submarine can stay submerged

personal luxury submersibles

Some refer to our ocean as the last frontier. Why not explore the remaining frontier in your own personal submarine.

AE86 to 86, Toyota’s New Sports Car

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The 86 does not fall under the normal category of luxury or exotic cars that we normally try to feature on Premium Posts but being such a big fan of the original 86 I could not help myself. The new 86 was developed to be a reasonably priced sports car with performance specs focused on being a car with serious racing and drifting capabilities.

Toyota's 86

This coupe was not developed solely by Toyota but was a joint venture between Toyota and Subaru. The outcome of this joint project produced the new version of the classic AE86. The original AE86 was a popular car among street racers and car enthusiasts in the 80’s and still today due to the cars combination of being lightweight, having simple yet powerful engine that was easily modified and the cars rear wheel drive configuration.
(The Toyota AE86)

Toyota AE86

The outcome of Toyota and Subaru project is know just as the 86 which is the same basic layout of the original with a front engine, rear wheel drive layout but with a significantly more powerful engine. With Subaru being part of the team it is no surprise in the engine bay of the 86 is the Porsche Boxer generating around 200hp at 7,000rpm and 151lb-ft of torque at 6,600rpm. On paper the car looks to be a fun little vehicle to drive but from what we have gathered from people who have actually driving the car it may not met the desired expectations. I cannot say I am surprised though, what made the AE86 so great was it’s simplify and balance. Judging from what we have seen of the new 86, it misses on both counts.

86 Car Engine
(2.0 liter flat-four boxer engine)


The Drive for Sustainability

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BMW i3 and i8

Sustainability is spreading throughout every industry, and BMW is taking it to the streets.  As city streets become more and more overcrowded and threats of congestion charges prove probable, the necessity for an electric car has arrived and the accessibility of having one is in our near future. BMW has been working hard to bring the electric car to the market, ever since 1969 with the electric BMW 1602 used in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Now, BMW’s i3 (compact electric car for cities) and i8 (plug-in hybrid sports car) will hopefully be launched in 2013 and 2014. The i3, starting around $47k, and the i8 ($130k) are not only environmental  being made mostly of recyclable materials and manufactured in part by using renewable energy, but are also practical for driving! The LifeDrive structure (high-strength and light-weight carbon-fiber reinforced plastic) and eDrive technology (agile mobility) create an enjoyable driving experience. But BMW is not limiting its sustainable resources to its products, it has invested $100M into BMW i Ventures to create services like MyCityWay and ParkatmyHouse for improving the driving scene in overcrowded cities.

BMW i8 and i3

On the left is BMW’s i8 Hybrid sports car and on the right is the i3, BMW’s compact Hybrid.

BMW I8 Hybrid

i8 by BMW

787 VIP private jet

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So you thought you were stylin in your $50,000,000 G5 business jet? Well there?s a new bird in town and it?s called the 787 V.I.P.
The 787 V.I.P. Boeing jet was recently introduced at the Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition in Dubai. The 787 VIP jet is scheduled to have its first test flight this month. Owners will be able to fly anywhere in the world non stop in ultimate luxury because the 787 VIP has a nautical range of almost 10,000 miles! Clients will be able to work with designers to mold the spacious cabin into a unique environment that exactly meets their tastes and needs. Regardless of if you are looking for a business office in the sky or a flying palace the possibilities are infinite, and depending on your exact setup, you can expect to have about 2,400 to 2,800 square feet of living space! (If you would rather think in terms of price per square foot it might be more easily justifiable at about $60,000/sq.ft.)

787vip exterior
Boeing?s carbon-composite 787-8 model, which would seat up to 250 people (if configured as a commercial airliner) now has seven orders for private 787s or ?787 VIPs? as we like to call them. Boeing said It is pitching this ?mega-business jet? to wealthy entrepreneurs (and I emphasize WEALTHY) because the 787 VIP requires the type of buyer who can drop $153,000,000 on a jet! So who has this kind of money you ask? Well, Boeing recently announced that it received an order for a private 787 VIP airplane from Read more…

Armored SUV puts Hummer to shame

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Armet Armored Vehicles Inc. is the company resposible for building the “Gurkha.” That’s right, it’s called the ?Gurkha? and its a fully armored 19,000 lb ballistic SUV that has a top speed of 93mph and puts the Hummer H1 to shame. The Gurkha looks and acts like a tank. It is outfitted with: ballistic glass windows that can stop bullets from an AK-47, and high strength ballistic aluminum armor to protect you from roadside bombs (not to mention it will make you the center of attention when you pull up at the valet). The Gurkha will set you back about $200,000 but hey? you can?t put a price on your safety right?

The over-the-top Gurkha is likely to find a niche among celebrities who need that bling factor. In fact, the first civilian delivery is for a “well-known personality” in California and it will take place very soon. (Not sure but my guess is that the Gurkha will be added to Jay Leno?s car collection). However, believe it or not, the Gurkha isn?t just built to protect wrappers and celebs from their crazy fans. The Gurkha armored vehicle will also Read more…

Honda’s Fuel Efficient Business Jet (HA-420)

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Do Jet fuel prices have you riding your bike to work while your jet sits in the hanger depreciating? Have you found yourself taking fewer vacations because you can no longer afford to take those weekend trips to Hawaii. Maybe its time to trade in that inefficient Cessna Citation or Eclipse 500 and consider a Honda!? Yup, leave it to Honda to come along with a more fuel efficient Jet. BUT WAIT! Don’t go running out to your local jet dealer just yet because the Honda HA-420 business jet will not be ready for another 3 years. Despite the fact that these jets wont be ready until 2010 the Honda Aircraft Company still managed to sell 100 of the HA-420 business jets durring the first three days it was on sale.

Honda Business Jet
The Honda Jet HA-420 is a small 6 passanger business jet. Because the Honda HA-420 has a very light weight Fuselage it is 35% more fuel efficient than its competitors. The Honda HA-420 has a range of Read more…

Worlds largest Mega Yacht (over 480 feet)

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Is your 100 ft luxury yacht just not good enough any more? Do you feel claustrophobic in your 15×15 owners suite? If so you might wanna give Hermidas Atabeyki a call. For only $320,000,000.00 dollars the Paris based designer can hook you up with the largest and most advanced super yacht anyone has ever seen! Currently he is in the developmental stages, creating a 147 meter mega yacht complete with helicopter landing pad, and an integrated submarine. In case you didn?t catch that? I said 147 METERS… equil to over 470 feet long!

The yacht also features a swimming pool on the upper deck, a disco and a movie theater for you to share with your 24 closest friends. The yacht has a garage for a submarine, so you can take your guests on underwater discovery trips after the movie! The project (codenamed M-147) will have various loggias, balconies, oriels and sun decks. In the stern there is a round shaped room that has a continuous glass front which provides an impressive 270? panorama view.
So? to be exact, the yacht is 482.6 feet long and 70.5 feet wide. Despite its massive size this mega yacht will have a cruise speed of Read more…

Javelin Personal Jet

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The Javelin Person jet by ATG is designed to look and perform much like a fighter jet. It is the fastest private jet available and it is capable of reaching Mach .90 (close to 1,000 kph). In the June 2006 issue of the “Robb Report”, the Javelin was chosen as the “Best of the Best” for personal aircraft.

If you’re looking to pick up a Javelin it will set you back about $2.8 million but you will have to be patient because there are already over 100 orders and the first deliveries are not scheduled until 2009.

javelin flying
Leading the new generation of general aviation aircraft, the Javelin is built to perform, engineered to exhilarate, and designed to handle with ease. Like no other aircraft in today?s market, the Javelin is the complete package, guaranteeing an arrival in unparalleled style.

Whether you?re a business executive, experienced pilot, or aviation enthusiast; the Javelin is the solution when ?time is money.? With dual controls in pressurized comfort, the Javelin caters to Read more…

Armored Maybach

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Do you ever worry for your safetly while your driver escorts you to the grocery store? you might want to consider investing in a fully armored Maybach 62. This super luxury armored sedan was created by RIJCK. This armored “Maybach 62” is a true masterpiece with only the best materials in terms of safety and ballistic reliability used. The car features B6 armoring which is considered sufficient for the car to have a mine explode underneath it and the gas tank and tires are self healing.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Rijck, they are a company that has established a considerable reputation for itself within the rather competitive field of armoured luxury vehicles. Rijck is one of only two manufacturers worldwide that armours the acclaimed Maybach limousine up to level B6 CEN.
Armored Maybach

RIJCK is a company with comprehensive skills in the fields of R&D, design, engineering, craftsmanship and technology. They are able to offer individual customers the opportunity to order armoured limousines, SUVs and luxury sedans that are designed to meet their own exclusive requirements of luxury and comfort, as well as the most stringent security specifications. Clients include heads of states, royal families, high ranking officials and aid agencies.
armored maybach interior
This armored Maybach 62 is manufactured to the highist standards of ballistic protection and security, while at the same time maintaining superior levels of luxury and comfort.

they have a team of the most experienced and renowned automotive protection engineers. These engineers have outfited the Maybach 62 and incorporated the RIJCK Safety Cell with ballistic level B6.

Here are just a few of the hightlights:
Armored Maybach features

Cadillac Escalade Golf Cart

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Wanna impress your golf buddies? Cruise the course in style with this Cadillac Escalade golf cart.

Escalade cart
This stylish Escalade Golf Car from Sport Electric Vehicles of Chino, Calif. is Based on General Motors’ highly popular Cadillac Escalade SUV, the fairway version was introduced earlier this year and with a 48-volt electrical system, the four-seater can reach 20 mph and travel up to 30 miles per overnight charge, which uses only about 45-cents worth of energy. There are a few different models to choose from including the Escalade Estate Limo with a 4 seat forward plus storage setup or a six passenger 4 seat forward/2seat rear facing version. The Cadillac Escalade also comes with a slew of cool options like a CD and DVD player, a billet grill, bucket and leather seats, fog lamps and more. A few of the most popular options are: Read more…