Diamond and gold fishing lure

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I’ve never really been into fishing but from the looks of it, fishing is a pretty expensive hobby ;) I just came across a $1,000,000 diamond and gold fishing lure… (I can only imagine what a fishing pole must cost)!
Well I looked into it a little further and as it turns out most fishing equipment is actaully affordable :) But… if your shopping for that diehard fishing enthusiast that has everything than take a look at these lures! macdaddysfishinglures.com has an exclusive line of fishing flies and lures that feature shiny gold sprinkled and diamond encrusted lures. Their featured million dollar lure has about 100 cts. of Diamonds and Rubies (4,753 stones), over 3 pounds of platinum, 14-k and 18-k gold and it is over 12 inches in length!

million dollar lure
For those of us who dont want to spend $1,000,000 for a fishing lure they have some less flashy but still expensive diamond fishing flies. Here is just one example:

diamond fishing fly
“MacDaddy’s solid diamond and gold fishing lures and jeweled flies are the most unique line of jewelry to hit the industry in many years. Designer Mac McBurney has ignited the often stagnant men?s jewelry departments with this impressive line of gift ideas.”

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7 Responses to “Diamond and gold fishing lure”

  1. Shawn Hogan Says:

    What kind of line do you use it with? A fishing line woven out of gold?

  2. pete mickelson Says:

    this is the most stupid thing i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why would you spend that much on a simple fishing lure!!!!!!

  3. brian Says:

    i noe what do you use what if you loose it on a bite or it gets stuck at the bottom because 3 pounds sink pretty fast

  4. Scott Says:

    I think they are cool, and something different for once.. be a great Father’s Day gift for the avid fisherman..They are a specialty item, and unless your a gozillianaire, you might want to display it and not fish with it!! :)

  5. Mary Says:

    Why would any avid fisherman display a lure?

  6. watchan Says:

    these are for people who has money to piss away. if i got that much money to piss away, i would rather donate that money to those who need it.

  7. kirk Says:

    i tell u what i get pissed off if i loose a 5.00 lure i mean what’s up with that ha no thanks not for me

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