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Author: Julien  //  Category: Premium resources

I just came across a really cool site that converts online videos (ex: youtube videos) into any format and lets you download them (for free)! You can even convert a video (ex: a music video) into MP3 format. All you need to do is provide the URL of the video and’s FLV Online Converter will quickly convert your video and provide you with a link to download it!

This is especially cool if you have a smartphone or PDA. I converted a few videos to MP4 so I could watch them on my Blackberry Pearl and it worked perfectly. If your a fan of “The Office” you can convert the Prison Mike scene so you can watch it on your phone over and over and over… :) Anyway, check it out!

Click here to convert your videos!

P.S. Let us know if you have any other good video url’s worth converting…!

Until next time, Dinkin Flicka!

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