Expensive Supercars

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The world’s best and most fascinating and expensive supercars are favored by the rich and the famous. Celebrities and dignitaries who lead a stately lifestyle can never compromise when it comes to luxury and style. Some breathtakingly beautiful and expensive supercars which are launched are the Buggati Veyron Grand Sport which costs about 1.2 million pounds excluding taxes, Koenigsegg CCXR which amounts to almost 1,070,040 pounds, the sizzling Lamborghini Reventon which is about 800,000 pounds, Roadster and the Maserati also in the same range. These expensive supercars are used by movie stars and corporate gurus who drive these cars to set a new trend for their fans and hence create a unique brand image for themselves. These expensive supercars deliver remarkable performance and are invented after years of laborious research and development. These expensive supercars harbor some of the world’s best built in technology and gadgets that cost phenomenally high. Moreover when it comes to the aspect of speed one of the most prominent and all time favorite expensive world’s fastest supercars is the Ferrari 599 GTB which comes with a glorious 6 litre engine and runs at a top speed of 205mph.


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