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I just wanted to share an awesome Google creation I just came accross… It’s Google 411 and it lets you call toll free from any phone to get local business listings. Previously I had been using traditional 411 or 1-800-SanDiego as a free 411 service but the new google 411 is 1000% better. Not only do you get your answers instantly with no advertisements, but it will also connect you for free (or even text message you the information for free)! Now you can find what you are looking for instantly! To try out Google’s new 411 service just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) from any phone.

Here are some tips for using Google 411:
1) When you are asked for city and state, you can say city and state or you can simply say (or type) the zip code.
2) When you are asked the business name or category you can say the specific name or be general. EX: “hardware stores”
3) Say “details” to get more info about the current listing.
4) You can say “text message” or press “9″ to receive a text message with detailed info (when you are calling from a cell phone).
The text message feature came in very handy when I was on my way to a steakhouse in Downtown San Diego and didn’t know thier address. I simply said “92101 The strip club steakhouse” then “text message” and I was instanly sent a text with their phone number and address!
Anyway… Not much more to it! Its free, it’s easy and its way faster than looking something up on your phone when your not in front of a computer so give it a try!

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