hidden passageways and secret chambers

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Just came across this company that creates hidden chambers and pasageways. It looks like there are willing to pretty much design anything you can dream up. If you like secret rooms and hidden doors than you’ll want to check this out. They can actually custom design a switch that allows you to activate your automated feature any way you want! I saw everything from a pool table that came out of the floor, to a hidden safe behind a painting that moved when you twisted a vase, and a candlestick that you twist on your mantle to rotate the fireplace and reveal a hidden room. On of my favorites is an animated rendering of a couch were you lift up the cusion to reveal a spiral slide that leads to a secret room!

hidden chamber
If you need even more security than just a “hidden room” or “secret chamber” this company can incorporate biometric security devices like fingerprint scanning, optical imaging devices and voice recognintion systems. Pretty cool stuff. For more videos, info, and renderings check out there website at:

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2 Responses to “hidden passageways and secret chambers”

  1. Bulbboy Says:

    Batman, eat your heart out!
    Shawn could do with a slide like this for his new house.
    “To the Blade Server Cave, Summer!”

    *flicks switch*


  2. vicioussummer Says:

    Shawn *could* do something like this, or Shawn *did* do something like this ;) ? Although we’ll never know, hence the name “secret” chambers. Although I can confirm that there is an escape hatch in the wine cellar, just incase our illegal poker games get raided…

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