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Hovercraft is an air cushion vehicle that rides on any smooth landscapes. It is effective in traveling over ice, land, water and rocky surface. This specialized vehicle is widely used in military applications i.e. in hostile environments. However, the Hovercrafts are emerging as a popular choice of transportation. 

The reason behind the access of hovercrafts in multi-textured land is its air cushion which has slow tempo but very powerful because the high pressure is ejected to its ground which contains a container itself called the skirt of the hovercraft.

The design of the hovercraft is very special because of its engine applications. There may be 1 or more than 4 engines at a time running the hovercraft. Crafts which has various engines basically used in driving the fan, another lifts the craft by incorporating high pressure below it, another works as propeller, engines are also used in pushing air pressure backward the craft to push it forward. 

Now the engines are designed differently in hovercrafts as per the mechanism of each craft. For the passenger hovercrafts 2 turboprop engines driven by propellers are effective. But these days Rolls Royce proteus gas turbine engines are more efficient in passenger carrying hovercrafts.

The skirt which is the most important part of the hovercraft can be of various types. The bag skirt, double walled flexible skirt, and others. The skirt makes the hovercraft moves easily in rocky terrains as well as stiffy ice surface. The mechanism of inflation and deflation of air works behind the effective movement of hovercrafts. 

The skirt fingers are another specialty in hovercraft that needs mentioning. This was made to avoid frequent obstacles. So, by moving the pitch of the craft by 15 degrees upward the excesses length of the skirt was fruitful for the mobility of the craft.

Uses of hovercraft previous years and now;

The first passenger hovercraft was the Vikers VA-3 in 1962. 

First commercial hovercraft was made in 1966.

Hovercrafts are the first choice for military applications. Hovercrafts carry tanks, missiles, cars and other ammunitions of military operations.

Hovercrafts are proficient means of administrative business crosswaters. It has been efficient in postal services, military stocking and public service.

The first car-carrying hovercraft debut in 1968.

Hovercrafts are used in maritime business, rescue operation, etc. there are many instances where overcrafts have been used in inland flooding rescue operations, muddy water, etc. 

Hovercrafts works as regular passenger vehicles in some countries. It is used as container in cruising, holiday destination and partying.

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