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I recently returned from a vacation in Costa Rica with a few friends (pictures below) and I must say, Costa Rica is an awesome country. During part of our trip we met up with a family friend of ours who is also a real agent, working in and around Playa Hermosa. Over the course of a couple days she showed us a number of properties and gave us a good feel for the Costa Rica real estate market.
Playa Hermosa is definitely one of the most beautiful areas, and one of the greatest opportunities in Costa Rica. If you are looking for a place to buy an investment property, and or a vacation home I would definitely consider buying Costa Rica real estate for a few reasons:
1) Costa Rica is a true tropical paradise with beautiful beaches, lush rainforest, natural hot springs… (I included a few pictures of my trip below)
2) Costa Rica is booming and there is a massive amount of money being poured into the country. Resorts, hotels, and massive master planned communities are being developed, so there is definitely something for everyone.
3) Costa Rica is still much more affordable than Hawaii and other popular getaways.
4) Costa Rica has extremely low property taxes (about .25% per year)
5) Costa Rica is a secure investment with escrow and title insurance
6) Prices have been steadily increasing over the past few years; however, there is still tremendous room for growth and profit potential!
7) Costa Rica is only a few hours from the US and on Dec. 15th Delta started a direct flight from LAX to Liberia international airport (which is only a 30 minute car ride to Playa Hermosa).

If anyone would like a list of the 34 high end developments that are all within a 30 mile radius of the airport, or if you would like an informational Costa Rica Real Estate DVD and some property information please feel free to contact me.

Anyway? back to my trip. While we were in Playa Hermosa we checked out a few spec homes in the hills overlooking the bay of Playa Hermosa. Prices have been steadily increasing over the past few years; however, there is still tremendous room for growth and profit potential.

The house pictured below was a 6,000+ square foot spec house overlooking Playa Hermosa with a distant view of the Four Seasons property in the distance. Within a few years this bay will have one of the world?s premier luxury yacht docs, making this a hot spot for luxury vacationers. Definitely worthy! It is also right down the street from a property that Steve Case will be turning into the Ritz Carlton and another property that Andre Agassi will be turning into the Miraval Spa.

Costa Rica Spec home
This was the new 6,000 square foot Spec. house on the market for about $1,400,000

Here are a couple other pictures from my trip:

Costa Rica Sunset
Sunset from the Beachfront restaurant in Playa Hermosa

Costa Rica Hot springs
This was one of the natural hotsprings at Tabocon resort that is heated by the nearby volcano.

Costa Rica Group
The group!

Costa Rica rainforest
Some dense rainforest.

Costa Rica Waterfall
A massive waterfall (notice the people standing at the bottom)!

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  1. monks Says:

    Did you do a “Triple Lindy” off of this waterfall? It looks like it is deep enough and there obviously a few rock ledges to spring off of.

  2. Costa Rica Real Estate Guy Says:

    Great post and pictures plus a fair but very informative blog entry on real estate. keep it up. Hope we can help each other in promoting Costa Rica to investors and welcome further developments without destroying its natural beauty and resources.