Jagerator (Jagermeister on Tap)

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The Jagerator is undoubtedly one of the world?s most significant inventions. Not since the creation of the Kegerator have I seen a more practical and indispensable device! J?germeister Tap Machines (?jagerators?) not only look cool but they prominently display 3 glorious bottles of Jagermeister atop a sleek black and orange jegermeister chilling machine. I know these are mostly for public bars and night clubs but at only $299.00 I don?t see how any true home bar could be complete without one. ;) (I know it’s next on my list).

The best part is that the Jegerator tap machine is designed to chill Jager to between 5? and 12? F. For those of you who are too drunk to do the math that means the jager shots are served 20 degrees colder than ice! (Ice forms at 32? F)

In my opinion this tap machine is a great investment. : Let?s say you decided to buy it for a public bar or nightclub. The jagerator would actually end up paying for itself in a few bottles. The jagerator costs $328 shipped, a 1L bottle of jagermeister is about $25 and you can sell each shot for $4. This means that the jagerator will pay for itself in 3.07 bottles! Not bad :)

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