Javelin Personal Jet

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The Javelin Person jet by ATG is designed to look and perform much like a fighter jet. It is the fastest private jet available and it is capable of reaching Mach .90 (close to 1,000 kph). In the June 2006 issue of the “Robb Report”, the Javelin was chosen as the “Best of the Best” for personal aircraft.

If you’re looking to pick up a Javelin it will set you back about $2.8 million but you will have to be patient because there are already over 100 orders and the first deliveries are not scheduled until 2009.

javelin flying
Leading the new generation of general aviation aircraft, the Javelin is built to perform, engineered to exhilarate, and designed to handle with ease. Like no other aircraft in today?s market, the Javelin is the complete package, guaranteeing an arrival in unparalleled style.

Whether you?re a business executive, experienced pilot, or aviation enthusiast; the Javelin is the solution when ?time is money.? With dual controls in pressurized comfort, the Javelin caters to pilots who love to fly fast and passengers who love to ride in luxury.

javelin grounded

javelin cockpit

For more pictures and information on the Javelin Personal Jet visit the Aviation Technology Group website

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