Most expensive homes in America

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Being involved in San Diego real estate I have seen some very expensive homes. In fact I have been to San Diego’s most expensive home which is currently on the market for $50,000,000.
It’s pretty crazy to think that even if you paid cash for the $50 million dollar home in Del Mar San Diego you would still have to come up with about $45,000 dollars a month just to pay the property taxes! Another interesting note is that not one of the “three most expensive homes in America” is located in the Nations 10 most expensive zip codes.
Anyway, for those of you with a couple hundred million dollars burning a hole in your pocket here are a few homes that you might consider. These are the three most expensive homes in America:

#3) “Portabello Estate” is currently on the market for $75,000,000. This triple oceanfront lot in Corona del Mar, was built less than 4 years ago. The home has eight bedrooms and ten full baths in nearly 30,000 square feet of ultra-modern space. The unique design resembles a nautilus shell, with a dramatic grotto surrounded by “chambers.” This amazing luxury home has amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and the rocky California coastline as well as private beach access.

75 million
#2) “Three Ponds” a mega luxury estate in Bridgehampton, N.Y. is also priced at an astounding $75 million. Three Ponds actually encompasses more than 60 acres of Hamptons farmland. This lavish estate even features its own USGA-rated Rees Jones golf course,. If that isn’t enough there are 14 gardens, a 75-foot-long swimming pool and a guest house. The main house, designed by architect Allan Greenberg, has a great room with a 28-foot-high domed ceiling.

another 75 million

#1) Last but not least is “Maison de L’Amitie” an oceanfront estate in Palm Beach, Florida. This amazing estate boasts 475 feet of ocean frontage and is selling for $125,000,000. You might say this home is being “flipped” by its current owner (you may have heard of him) Donald Trump. Mr. Trump purchased this luxury oceanfront estate at a bankruptcy auction for the bargain price of $41.25 million. The home was refurbished, complete with a ballroom, conservatory, and 100-foot-long swimming pool. Donald aims to set a U.S. sales record with the most expensive residential real estate sale in American history.

125 million

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  1. laura Says:

    Wow these houses are beautiful!!! This is what really inspires me to start earning and working as hard as i can. Investing well and making good money so one day i can be like donald trump.

  2. Jessica Says:

    The most amazing sight i have ever seen you are the luckiest person in the world you must be very rich i realy would love to live there its a beautiful sight
    from jess

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