Oldschool Cell Phone for Sale

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If you’ve been searching for an old school 1980′s style cell phone that won’t fit in your pocket, has almost none of the new features of a new cell phone, and weighs over 12 ounces than I have found just the cell phone for you! The FY8850 cell phone is a fully functional redesigned replica of a 1980′s cell phone, packed with below average and outdated technology! Staying true to its roots the phone is large enought that you can’t wrap your hand around it and it features a huge battery, a long external antenna, no USB connect ability, no hands-free headset ability, no car charger and a bulky desktop charging base! But wait it gets better… this re manufactured product comes with a user manual that is provided in Chinese only, and there is no manufacturer technical support or warranty!!!
If this sounds like a phone that you just can’t live without than hurry on over to dealdone were you can pick one up for only $169.00 or if you want a genuine classic check out the Vintage cell phones on eBay

Old School Cell Phone
Or, if your one of those boring types that want a razor thin phone that weighs 4 ounces and has all the latest technology: instant email, unlimited internet and IM, Video playback, camera, bluetooth, modem abilities… Check out the Blackberry Pearl. You can get it for free (after rebate) like I did on Amazon.com!

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  1. bre Says:

    does it work? how did you arrive at the price of $169?

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