Pioneer AVIC-Z1

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Are you looking for a new double-din head unit for your car or SUV? The new Pioneer AVIC-Z1 should definitely do the trick! The Pioneer AVIC-Z1 features a 7inch LCD with a built in DVD player and a high tech navigation system… The AVIC-Z1 also gives you touch screen control over the entire system, voice control over several navigation functions, and playback of your DVDs and CDs. Already pretty impressive, but it gets even better…

The Pioneer AVIC-Z1 has an on-board 30-gigabyte hard drive that facilitates advanced satellite navigation and the storage of up to 10 gigabytes of songs to store music it rips from your standard CDs or mp3′s. The unit has voice command capabilities and includes a microphone. It also has a text-to-speech technology that announces the names of most roads, and a learning feature that remembers frequently traveled roads and suggests familiar routes. The smart routing algorithms take data such as posted speed limits and number of turns into account to suggest the most efficient route possible. The Pioneer’s navigation system also has over 11 million points of interest, and XM’s NavTraffic premium service (available with your XM subscription for an extra $3.99 per month).

If you would like to play your tunes through your ipod the AVIC-Z1 is compatible with Pioneer’s iPod interface adapter and DVD/CD changer. It is also compatible with Pioneer’s Bluetooth adaptor!

You can also use the 7″ screen to watch your favorite DVD videos while you’re parked. Connect a rear-seat video screen and wireless headphones, and the folks in back can keep watching while you’re on the road. “Tri-Zone” capability means you can listen to one source (like the radio) up front while a movie plays in back and the AVIC-Z1 continues navigating.

For a video review of the Pioneer AVIC-Z1 click here

Find some more detailed information on this unit by clicking here: Pioneer AVIC-Z1 If you are looking to buy a AVIC-Z1 than full retail price is about $2,300. However, I have seen them online for as low as $1,649.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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  1. Shawn Hogan Says:

    It’s great except the iPod functionality sucks compared to the Alpine one. But the bluetooth kicks Alpine’s ass!

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