Portable BeerPong Table that floats

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Wow… a portable beer pong table that inflates and floats in the pool! This has to be one of the best inventions ever. The only thing I don?t like about it is that I didn’t think of this myself. ;) (Evan after all those years of beer pong and pool parties the thought never crossed my mind). I must say, a floating beer pong table is a must have all those who enjoy the sport of Beirut. For those that are unfortunate enough to have never played beer pong (AKA Beirut) you can click here to get caught up: beerpong crash course.

floating beerpong table

I think that one of the greatest thing about having an inflatable beer pong table is that you can take it anywhere and it cleans up easy! No more having to buy expensive ping pong tables just to have them warped and beer soaked within a matter of months. No more having to make frantic runs to Home Depot to buy a sheet of plywood for your party. But perhaps best of all… if you play in the pool you can have uninterrupted beerpong tournaments without having to stop for bathroom breaks!!!!!

portable beerpong table

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5 Responses to “Portable BeerPong Table that floats”

  1. Vibes Says:

    It is a pretty interesting invention. I wondering if they were drunk when they invented it. It looks like its made of quality material. Why didn’t they have this when I was in college.


  2. Justin Says:

    weve been doing this for over a year now at my house. we just would get a big airbed pool float thing and turn it upside down so the top would be flat, and put a peice of plywood on it which would fit perfectly, and then just play like normal in the pool. glad someone else finally realized the wonders of what we call “pool pong”. very popular in the hot summer months, or in the winter when the pools heated.

  3. Jenn Biggun Says:

    I have been partying for forever and never have i ever seen nothin that cool. well ttyl i gotta go clean up my dogs poop.

  4. joe Says:

    I ran into a product like this at a club in NYC…this one is a better quality and even has a set up to include weights so it stays in the same place…www.playpoolpong.com
    Plus on the website it looks like they have a monkey playing it =)

  5. Jamie Says:

    Joe I bought that stupid playpoolpong table you posted and it was garbage compared to my friends table. She had a pink portopong. way better all saying. portopong.com is where im headed for my next one this summer. P I N K

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