Private Jet Charter

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Private jet charters are by far one of the fastest, easiest, and most luxurious ways to travel. Although Private jet charter is not usually considered to be economical, it can actually make sense. An average first class fare from coast to coast now runs about $4,500 round trip. If four people are flying, the cost starts getting closer to the same trip on a chartered jet, where working on board is much more comfortable and scheduling is completely flexible. You can charter a small jet for $1,800 per hour plus tax, so if six or eight people are traveling, you can achieve cost savings compared to first class fares. Many companies are running the numbers and figuring out that charter service makes economic sense. aircharter1.jpg

The advantages of time saved, travel convenience, security and all of the other benefits of private jet travel can be enjoyed through the use of properly operated charter aircraft–and for a lot less money. Most large charter companies have a fleet of jets that span the range of available aircraft and they can match the traveler with the most cost-effective charter alternative. A professional charter operator can effectively manage your costs more efficiently by carefully matching the right aircraft with the right mission, so that a hop across one state uses a KingAir while a flight to London is aboard a Gulfstream V.aircharter2.jpg

Another great way to save some money on private jet charter is to ask about thier “empty leg” list. Often times jet charters will offer substantial discounts if they don’t have any pasengers booked on a leg of their flight. Invest the time necessary to do a thorough investigation of your private flight alternatives and make sure you do the math for yourself. We think you will find that private jet charter will be the clear winner.

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