Private Jet Packs

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One of the most fanticised technologies in all of travel is taking to the air with nothing more than a jet pack on your back!

Since the 1950s, modern man has dreamed about strapping on some type of rocket to his back and jetting off to work or play. This was supposed to be the future of travel. Back in 1953 when the first jet pack was built by Bell Labs Aerospace, every ten-year old kid dreamed of the not-too-distant future, say… 1999 or “the year 2000″ when such an invention would be a simple household appliance. Just like flying cars, for example.

Jet packs havent exactly become a reality for the masses but two companies are now trying to live up to the failed promises of science by making jet packs available to the public.

Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana, for example, is selling a $250,000 jet pack that runs on hydrogen peroxide and keeps its wearer aloft for a whopping 30 seconds. Jetpack International offers a cheaper version for $155,000 that provides three more seconds of lift. (Thats a bargain price of about $5,000 per second of flight). :)

Here’s the interesting news though. Both companies are promising advanced models within the year that are powered by either propane or actual jet fuel. The lift time with these more combustible fuels is expected to be 19 minutes. (I could fly to work!)

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