Private jets now affordable

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Private jets have always been associated with the super rich high-filers with luxurious lifestyles. But now, they have become affordable. This has been possible due to the global recession and economic slowdown. Many millionaires are now ready to sell off their old jets to potential buyers. The price range can start from $22,000. Piper, Cessna, Bell, Beech, Robinson and Mooney can now be yours. The price may range from $22,000 to $300,000. 

According to the aviation industry reports, there are around 7000 planes in the United States which are to be sold. 3000 more planes in Europe and Asia are also looking for new buyers who are few. 

Executive jets, turboprop planes, piston aircrafts, helicopters and other small planes are up for sale. These aircrafts include brands like McDonnell Douglas, Gulfstream, Cessna, etc. The number of advertisements regarding sale of these planes is on the rise in newspapers and also online.  Advertisements for sale of spare parts of dismantled planes are also on the rise.  If the aircrafts do not get sold, they finally might be sold as scrap. 

Big companies like Bank of America, Citigroup and Starbucks want to sell off their jets and reduce their running costs in turn. The slowdown has had a very bad effect on them. According to a report, one out of five private jets is for sale. The prices are also coming down day by day. 

This whole thing also has a down side. The cost of repairs of the jets to get them flying is sometimes so large that it exceeds its cost price. Due to this factor, lesser people are buying these second hand machines.  Many websites related to sale and purchase of jets reported fewer buyers and diminishing enquiries for the planes. 

The point to ponder upon is whether to buy these fancy machines when even the super rich want to sell them?  If they cannot afford them, we wonder who will!


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