Sony PRS505S ebook is a delight for the Readers

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Sony PRS505S is the 2nd edition of this kind which is widely becoming popular especially to the book lovers. It has a perfect book look with traditional 6’’ screen that is reader friendly. Sony has made it slim but compact and attractively light weighted. The device is trendy in its default software usages which includes MP3, Sony Memory Stick and accepts the PDF, DOC, TXI, HTML, and RTC formats.

The key features of Sony PRS505S ebook are:

? Its awesome lithium rechargeable battery.  It needs a charge on 2nd week you start reading a book reading 4 hrs on daily basis! 

? Weight of just 260 grams.

? Silver finish with 8 shades of silver grey which looks very stylish.

? The entire look of the ebook is H175 x W122 x D8mm i.e. handy wherever you go.

? Sony ebook don’t have backlight, leaving your eyes de-stressed.

? Sony ebook don’t have backlight, leaving your eyes de-stressed.

? Sony gives the Mp3 to listen to your favorite tracks while reading, though it’s a matter of discussion whether this is a cool option or not. 

? SD card slot and USB Mass storage interface.

? There is an option to format the books for future reading not only to Sony but devices like Convertlit and libprs500 giving you the freedom of manipulating files of your choice.

? You can download a library amount of 160 books from internet at a time. Now its time to stock the varied books of your choice and click the matter whenever you wish.

? Sony ebook model accepts the graphic formats of GIF, JPEG, SVG, BMP, PNG etc.

The Sony ebook is a popular means of entertainment device for its access. Where a paperback is delayed for various reasons; you get this ebook instantly you pay the sum in the internet. PRS505S ebook looks alike like traditional page from a book giving an assurance of healthy reading to its readers, even in the broad daylight. 

You have the option of book marking and the next, previous options are well located thus relaxing your fingers. And it will remind you the page you left the other hour. Moreover the readers get 3 zoom levels and high contrast and accommodative font sizes default with the Sony itself.

The book lovers who cannot think a vacation without books but worry about the fact of carrying sacks of book now have this light weight version which easily captures as many books as 160. 

With a buck of 300 dollars Sony ebook is a delight for those who want their favorite book delivered instantly. But the drawback of this ebook is that it required an active internet connection wherever you go.




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