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I know stock market research can sometimes be overwhelming but it definitely pays to do your research. One of the best sites to track stocks, get detailed stock charts and company news is Google Finance. You can click here to check out Google finance for yourself. However if you are lazy or have become too busy (like me) to do your own research I have found that Forbes has some great independant stock market research available so you can sit back and let the stock market experts do the work. I actually just signed up for the Stock Market Research newsletter and saved a few hundred dollars off the initial price so I thought I would pass it along if anyone is interested. Get independent research from Forbes Special Situation Survey.
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If you prefer to do your own stock market research here is a little more information about “Google Finance”. Google finance is amazingly simple and powerful. Once you are at the Google finance site plug in a stock symbol (Ex: “S” for Sprint/Nextel). Along with all the basic information, you can chart the historical stock price over any period of time and you can then mouse over any point on the line graph to see the exact price and volume at a specific time and date. They also give you plenty of resources so you can thoroughly research specific stocks via (related news stories, blogs, and resource links). Lastly, you can view each companies financial statements and if research the companies management team. This section will show you information on everyone from the CEO to the Senior VP (including their picture, bio, pay, and even their trading activity)! Until next time… remember to do your stock market research and happy trading!

P.S. Please leave a comment if you have any other good resources for “stock market research” or if you have any hot stock tips! ;)

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