Best Restaurants

Author: Julien  //  Category: Premium Food and Dining

Have you ever wondered what the best restaurant in the world is? Below is a review of the Top Ten Best Restaurants in the World. As a bonus there is a recommendation on where to stay if you should decide to take an adventure and try them out for yourself. The survey was done by Restaurant Magazine, with the winners chosen by an international panel of more than 600 impossible-to-please restaurateurs, food critics, chefs, and industry experts. For the complete story and a list of the world’s Top 50 restaurants check out the complete article at

An interesting side note: Restaurant Magazine (the magazine that conducted the study) is a UK based publication, and London happened to have 11 of the worlds top 50 restaurants while Paris the city with the second most restaurants received only 6 awards. I can’t help but think that they may be a bit biased? However, in their defense the United States-based Gourmet Magazine recently declaring London ?The best place to eat on the planet,? maybe London’s days of bangers and mash are over?

1st Place: THE FAT DUCK The Fat Duck
Bray, Berkshire, Britain
This is the place that does bacon-and-egg ice cream, snail porridge and sardine-on-toast sorbet. So you can safely say you?ve never had a meal like it. Run by chef Heston Blumenthal since it opened in 1995, it already has three Michelin stars under its belt. The spectacular eight-course tasting menu costs $225.
Bookings: Reserve two weeks in advance for weekdays and at least a month ahead for weekends.
Where to stay: Make a gastronomic weekend of it and stay at the Michelin-starred nine-room Waterside Inn.

2nd Place: EL BULLI Read more…