MP3 quality enhancer (ipod accessory)

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The “Boostaroo Revolution” is a cool new gadget that actually improves the quality of MP3’s. This portable inline MP3 amp is known as The Boostaroo Revolution?. This cool MP3 accessory is officially described as a Hi-Definition Portable Headphone Amplifier & Splitter. This MP3 enhancing gadget is the size of a cigar. The device actually works by digitally decompressing your compressed audio signals (MP3’s) into three separate audio channels, producing enhanced spatial imaging and a wider field of high definition sound. It also amplifies the volume of your MP3’s by about 400% and adds a surround sound effect, giving your music a cleaner and higher quality sound. This MP3 filter even works to improve low quality files. The other great thing about this MP3 enhancing gadget is that it is also a splitter, so you can share your MP3’s with a friend through the Boostaroo Revolution’s two headphone jacks. The device does run on 2 AAAA batteries but it is said to last for 22 hours.

This is obviously a great addition to your Ipod or other MP3 player. Boostaroo states that “the Revolution works with Read more…

iPod home dock (Control your iPod from your TV)

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ipod dock
I just came across this cool gadget for your iPod. Its an iPod home dock that (like most other docks) lets you charge, sync, and play your iPod through your TV or sound system. However, the coolest feature is that the DLO HomeDock Deluxe is the world’s first iPod dock that lets you view and select your iPod’s music on your TV screen. You can navigate, select, and play your songs using the included 18-button remote control. The iPod HomeDock Deluxe’s small and easy to use remote and on screen TV interface seems to be pretty user friendly. The iPod/TV interface even Read more…