Vanquish S Ultimate edition

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The Austin Martin has always been one of the sexiest looking supercars on the road (IMO) and just when I thought it couldn’t look any better they decide to roll out the Austin Martin Vanquish S Ultimate Edition. The Vanquish S Ultimate Edition will be built to commemorate the last forty cars to roll off the production line. The Vanquish S Ultimate Edition centers on changes to the Vanquish S?s interior and exterior color and trim. The Vanquish S Ultimate edition will be painted “ultimate black” (a new color specifically created for the Ultimate Edition). On the inside, the all black cabin will be trimmed in a semi-aniline leather with coarse stitching and darkened chrome finish interior fittings. Each one will have a personalised sill plaque that will display its limited edition number. The Vanquish S Ultimate Edition will only be available with the 2+2 seating arrangement and the Ultimate Edition will come with no additional charge!

Vanquish S Ultimate Edition
The Vanquish S Ultimate Edition will not include any performance upgrades over the standard Vanquish S (but as long as your the best looking you don’t need to be the fastest). When it comes to performance the Vanquish S may not be able to hang with the bigboys in the supercar lineup but it is still a “pretty” mean machine (check out the video below)! The Vanquish S has a V12 powerplant that pumps out about 525 horsepower and Read more…

Audi S4 pictures and info

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I took some shots of my friends Audi S4 earlier today and messed around with them on Photoshop. Just thought I would share a few of the pics.
For those of you who don’t know much about the Audi S4, it really is a fun car to drive! The B5 Audi S4 (which was built between 1997 and 2002) is an all wheel drive 2.7 liter twin Turbo V6 sedan that is capable of pushing 350hp (to the wheels) with just a few bolt-ons (intake, exhaust, ECU…). Even now, 10 years after the S4 was first introduced they are still coming out with upgraded turbo kits capable of pushing the S4 to 630 wheel horsepower! The S4 also handles very well and I have had the pleasure of driving one or two through the back roads! Needless to say, the S4 has developed a huge enthusiast community and it’s rare to see an S4 that isn’t modified in some way. It might not have the lines of a supercar but it’s a great choice for those looking for a practical and sophisticated sedan that has all the comforts of a luxury sedan plus the perform of a sportscar!


More pictures (let me know if these images don’t fit within the screen and I will resize them): Read more…

Bugatti Veyron roadster release

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Bugatti will soon be releasing a “Bugatti Veyron roadster”. Besides the new roof design, not much will change with the Bugatti roadster. You will still be able to cruise down the Pacific Coast highway at 252 mph… but now you can work on your tan at the same time! The design of the roof is not yet finalized and it is unsure if it will feature a glass targa type roof or a removable hardtop. The Bugatti roadster will still be powered by a quad turbo W16 engine that makes 1,000 horsepower (basically 2 twin turbo V8 engines smashed together) and it will most likely be otherwise identical to the 2008 Bugatti Veyron with all the same specs. And yes it will still cost $1,000,000+ dollars.

bugatti veyron roadster

So start saving… the Bugatti Veyron roadster will be released in Read more…

Armored Maybach

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Do you ever worry for your safetly while your driver escorts you to the grocery store? you might want to consider investing in a fully armored Maybach 62. This super luxury armored sedan was created by RIJCK. This armored “Maybach 62” is a true masterpiece with only the best materials in terms of safety and ballistic reliability used. The car features B6 armoring which is considered sufficient for the car to have a mine explode underneath it and the gas tank and tires are self healing.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Rijck, they are a company that has established a considerable reputation for itself within the rather competitive field of armoured luxury vehicles. Rijck is one of only two manufacturers worldwide that armours the acclaimed Maybach limousine up to level B6 CEN.
Armored Maybach

RIJCK is a company with comprehensive skills in the fields of R&D, design, engineering, craftsmanship and technology. They are able to offer individual customers the opportunity to order armoured limousines, SUVs and luxury sedans that are designed to meet their own exclusive requirements of luxury and comfort, as well as the most stringent security specifications. Clients include heads of states, royal families, high ranking officials and aid agencies.
armored maybach interior
This armored Maybach 62 is manufactured to the highist standards of ballistic protection and security, while at the same time maintaining superior levels of luxury and comfort.

they have a team of the most experienced and renowned automotive protection engineers. These engineers have outfited the Maybach 62 and incorporated the RIJCK Safety Cell with ballistic level B6.

Here are just a few of the hightlights:
Armored Maybach features