The $10,000 dollar bill does exist

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So… I often wondered, what is the largest bill? Lets do some digging.

10k bill frontI remember always hearing about the $10,000 dollar bill but I never really knew if they were real or just a rumor. As is turns out they are real and are a very valuable collectors item. In addition they also printed a a $500 dollar bill, a $1,000 dollar bill, and a $5,000 dollar bill. Below you will find some more pictures and information (including their approximate value).

Production of notes larger than $100 dollars were printed up until 1946 at which point they were discontinued. There are about 350 outstanding $10,000 dollar bills today. The vast majority are series 1934 Federal Reserve Notes, and all but about 10 or so are either 1928 or 1934 Federal Reserve Notes. The oldest known is an 1882 gold certificate. Most of these super rare bills are in museums while the rest have been redeemed and destroyed.
All these notes (from $500 to $10,000) are legal tender and may be found in circulation today; however, most notes still in circulation are probably in the hands of private numismatic dealers and collectors. If you are interested in purchasing these larger denominations, it is suggested that you contact private dealers or collectors who are usually listed in the classified section of the telephone directory under the headings of ?Coins? and ?Hobbies.?
The $1,000 dollar bill is a bit more prevalent but still a highly sought after collectors item. These bills were printed from 1918 to 1934 and appear to sell for between $2,000 and $4,000 on eBay. In fact you can bid on a $1,000 bill on eBay right now!

Below are some more pictures of the large denomination bills:
This $500 dollar bill is from 1918 and contains a Portrait of John Marshall with vignetteon the back of DeSoto Discovering the Mississippi in 1541
500 bill front
500 bill back
Here is a $1,000 dollar bill from 1918
1000 bill front
Here is a $5,000 dollar bill from 1918 featuring James Madison on the front and a vignette on the back of Washington Resigning his Commission.
5000 bill front
5000 bill back
Lastly, here is the back of the $10,000 bill featuring Salmon P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury (1861-1864) and the back has a vignette of the Embarkation of the Pilgrims.
10k bill back

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25 Responses to “The $10,000 dollar bill does exist”

  1. ViciousSummer Says:

    That’s cool! I once asked a bank if I could get a $1000 bill…They laughed…haha

  2. David Brose Says:

    I saw a $10,000 bill in the bank of China.. it looked exactly like your picture on the front.. but the back side had a large 10,000 number.. the paper past the test as did paper exam at 10X .. I am a bit confused. What can you tell me ??

  3. Mystery Says:

    look closely on the 10000 dollar bill in dotted letters it says COPY!!!!

  4. jeffsara Says:

    The 10,000 bill has in large letters 10,000 on the back of the note. Look at, where you will see these notes going for as much as 149k, the bank of China has the real thing.

  5. Scarface Says:

    yo, the first one made was stolen from a bank in Telluride Colorado back in the late 1800′s or early 1900′s or something. the three men who stole it had no way to spend it and could split it from one bill because it was in a bank. they were later caught with it and all died except for one i think and he was found later on and was convicted for it if you go to Telluride Colorado today in the bank downtown they have it on the wall in display it is the same bill that is on the top of the sites page but without any letters their replaced with stars and the number has all zero’s. the newer 10k bills from late 1900′s are only used for trade from country to country and are only circulated through governments. pretty interesting stuff. check some of the background history on more bills on the web.

  6. zakes Says:

    Yea there’s not only a $10,000 bill but theres also a $100,000 check this site out if u dont believe me

  7. Frank Says:

    The largest note ever made was the 100.000 gold certificate of 1934. I have never found pictures but it is real. and was only used for international bank transactions.

  8. BILL Says:


  9. kevin Says:

    i have a 10000 dollor bill were can i have it authenticated

  10. eddiescurrency on ebay Says:

    you are all correct

  11. Thulio Says:

    Kevin.. send it to me.. i will galdly authenticate it for yah.. lol..
    just kidding…

    but seriously, try asking a banking center the nearest place you could GRADE an antique bill, since its value will consist on the grade of it. they’ll consider folds, ondulations, penmarks, pinholes… good luck… i say yours will be around $65,000.00… just a guess

  12. John E.B. Good Says:

    I am a proud owner of a 10,000 dollar bill and I am not joshing. It was passed down from my parents and I keep it in my safe. It makes me feel rich..hahaha

  13. mike Says:

    yeah right
    i seriously doubt it

  14. William Gates Says:

    I have a bajillion dollar bill that Jesus gave to me when i lost my 1st tooth

  15. ghgh Says:

    these are real but they were never in circulation, they were used for money transfers between banks

  16. The Baldchemist Says:

    Dollar bills of any denomination aren’t worth a light these days. Get into Yen; Ruppees and Euros.
    The Baldchemist

  17. Todd Smith Says:

    I saw 100 of the 10,000 bills inside the horsehoe casino in vegas, it was inside of a horseshoe between two sheets of 10 inch glass, 1 million dollars. That was in 1979 so I dont know if its still there.

  18. RD4 Says:

    I own a “Binion” $10,000 bill. Certified by PCGS in Very Choice New 64. It is one of only 100 – the Binion family owned the Golden Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas and for many decades it attracted tourists from all around the world with a $1,000,000 display – 100 $10,000 bills. In the late 1990s the Binion family ran into tax problems and auctioned off the display to one very smart investor who had PCGS disassemble it and grade and certifiy each bill by condition and that it was an authentic “Binnion” bill. I paid $82,500 for it in 2007 and it is probably worth more than $100,000 today. Here’s a photo of it:$10K.jpg

  19. AnimeX87 Says:

    If anything I would get into Euros, damn tehy kick ass in every sense of the word. Hmm I can’t believe these are real though

  20. cravenmorhead Says:

    i have a 5 dollar bill with honest abe on it

  21. john Says:

    it is so cool

    i have one of the five thousand (5000) dollar bill from 1918 in my hand right now

  22. Jack Says:

    The highest bill made by the U.S. is the $100,000. But, it is ILLEGAL to posses one. Even more, all those bills are accounted for and in ownership of the U.S. Government. So, the highest bill to own in public is 10,000:(

  23. hayngrl Says:

    What do u look for in a $5000 bill that is FAKE ??? What would anyone pay to have a $5000 bill ???

  24. duane Says:

    i have a 1918 chase 10,000.00 dollar bill and would like to know approx. value 2-b series , serial B420A

  25. Brian Says:

    i was sitting here trying to find out about my 10,000.00 dollar bill and i just read what you wrote duane and the bill i am looking at has the same thing on it. 2-b series, serial B420A. the only thing you done wrong that i caught on to by looking at mine is the series #. now if you look close and it is like mine the series # is series of 1918 as stated above it says( Autherized by Federal Reserve act of December 23, 1913 As Amended by Act of September 26, 1918.
    Also stated around the 2-B is Federal Reserve Bank of New York. but yes duane i would also like to know the worth of my bill also.

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