Venture Fetish Excels in Acceleration

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This year the Paris Motor Show has experienced the Venturi Fetish, the electric car. This is one of the world’s first sports car which runs by electricity. It costs 465,000 in dollars.

The electric car is exclusively powered by 330 horsepower with a range of 180 miles and a top speed of 110 miles per hour. This car has an amazing capability of accelerating speed between 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds which is simply great. Infact this feature is an out and out sport car’s engine module but as Fetish is an electric car it won’t release fuel emission.

Fetish promises to recharge its batteries within a short time unlike other electric cars. A complete discharged battery takes 3 to 4 hrs maximum to reload with charge. That means the charge option is designed specially keeping in mind the distance it covers in an hour!

Venture Fetish is sleek and cozy racy car with the attributes of aerodynamic mechanism. Its vivid exterior is sporty and reflects its features quite aptly.

The Fetish comes with customized options. The customers will have the freedom of designing the interior requirements of the electric car. Venture will make the car as per the choice of the buyers and deliver it shortly. 

Venture Fetish is double seated and just 3.89 m long. Though the speed is marvelously justified with the combination of battery and aerodynamics but hard driving can recklessly reduce the battery charge to 160 kms per hour.

The Fetish comes with WiMax connectivity. Drivers can monitor the status of the charge with a remote control. Venture and Intel in a joint venture have made life easy for fetish drivers who will be informed by their computers at home about the status of the charge of the electric car.

Another characteristic that will attract drivers to fetish is its light weight of 1111.3 kilograms. The craft is made of carbon fiber, a specialty of sports car. Its rechargeable batteries are made of lithium, weighing 340 kgs, one third of the car’s total weight. The batteries form a beautiful T- shape.

Fetish will be admired by environment lovers because of its no pollution policy. But critics are saying that whether it emits carbon or not depends on the electricity source.  If the electricity source is derived from Hydro or nuclear power then there is no chance of pollution but coal and other minerals will emits carbon in the environment. Thus a non-pollutant car Fetish can be a pride and satisfaction to the driver by thinking his or her contribution of healthy earth.


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