Virus Battery will Run Electronic Device

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has find out a virus made bacteria very effective in making biodegradable batteries. Now this virus is harmless to human being and can be used in running vehicle and other devices. The bacteriophage viruses are on their way to create revolution by making organic batteries which is environment friendly and be made better day by day. Here the viruses are forced to make contact with materials they normally doesn’t interact with. 

This surprising discovery is on its way to stun people with wonder that how organic things control an inorganic machine! The department says by describing the function of a battery that it transforms the chemical energy in to electrochemical power where electrolyte flows between a positively charged cathode and negatively charged anode. The department is thinking about vesting organic viruses that will be genetically produced in place of toxic substances for cathode and anode.

The department of MIT scientists 3 years ago found out a virus that assembles particles to grow nano type anode (1/10th of a human hair). The nanowire or a single virus is 6 nanometers i.e. 6 billionth of a meter in diameter and 880 nanometers in length. But researchers are saying that the size can be increased by later research of cloning millions of same virus copies to assemble in the battery. 

As we know batteries are powered by lithium which is also a vital part of cell phones. These batteries become heavy when charged with electricity. It got a high cost and hard to non-recyclable. The microbes battery has a size of a coin but scientists are of the opinion that the size of the battery can be converted in to flexible shape as per the container of the battery e.g. mobile or small electronic devices

As these viruses are negatively charged they are positively charged in polymer sheets to form energy. After research these microbes get to gather denser accumulation of anode by critical combinations of the molecules of cobalt oxide and gold. 

The electrons will pass through carbon nanotube wires and transforming electrodes to iron phosphate to input energy in no time. To get the result these viruses are toughened in iron phosphate and carbon nanotubes material which will survive high insulation of cathode. Moreover the batteries will have the equal capacity of power performance and suitable to hybrid cars as well.

The important aspect of this microbe battery is that without making the battery heavy the carbon nanotube networks will be effective in increasing the conductivity of positive energy or cathode.


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