Will Ferrell Confronts Global Warming

Author: Julien  //  Category: Premium Comedy

In this video clip Will Ferrell does a great impersonation of George W. Bush. It’s amazing how much Will Ferrell actually sounds like the President. In this particular skit Will Ferrell (as George W. Bush) discusses the issue of global warming while on his ranch in Texas. It’s pure comedy. Not much else to say just enjoy the video!

This is the first post in the Premium Comedy Section. This section is not very relevant to the PremiumPosts.com theme but I thought it would provide a few laughs and I wanted a section for comedy since it is a major part of my life. Besides… I am always coming across funny things while I search for content and products to write about so I figured I would share it with my readers! Let me know if you would like to see more comedy or if you think I should kill the comedy idea…

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