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Willard Wigan began his artistic life and at the age of five. As he was suffering from dyslexia and learning difficulties, he could not continue in school and finally started to create art on minute items. He has created the art on many pieces, yet they are invisible normally. And many items also kept for sale as there was great demand for his exceptional talent. The works made by Willard recognized by the world leading technology, Entertainment, Design Institute and he has been asked to appear as guest speaker which is scheduled for July 2009 at world conference. 

The completion of ever such work takes up to 3months. The works i.e. micro-sculptures are so minute that there are visible through microscope only.  Each piece of such work will be kept within the eye of needle so that have better visibility. His work has been described as “Eighth” wonder of the world. Willard has been honored by receiving MBE from HRH Prince Charles for his services of art. Of course, now his life is somewhat attractable for literary and film industries and ready to secure his life story. 



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